Shady Characters

“The Shady City would present to me some of the most shadiest characters I would ever have the misfortune to meet.”

Our Faithful Narrator

Character Profile: Sam Crusow

Of all the stories Sam has chased, none compared to when he was led to the KNOCK KNOCK CLUB in search of the missing Mayor. That was when the true dirty face of the city began to reveal itself.

Three reporters. How many will survive chasing stories in the Shady City.

The Law is the Law

“The Law is the Law,” The Judge went on. “It is the same for everyone. Over the years I’ve had everything in my office from the sickening to the downright ridiculous. No matter what, one thing remains. The Law is the Law.” 

The Knock Knock Club

Macks bring the booze. The Knock Knock club bring the talent.
Knock Knock Boss Lady, Tabitha, poses with her aunts – The Baroness and the Broker.

The Penns

Reginald Penn with his triplet sons.
Marcus Penn and his triplet brothers.

The Macks

The Mack Distillery, located on Love Street in Bellfield.
Paddy Mack is given an ultimatum.

The Owens

Son and heir Bernard ‘Buddy’ Owen interrupts his shenanigans to accept a call from his father, The Cappy.
Owen spokesman, Ronnie, delivers to the press.

Bros for Life!

Kappa So means brothers for life.

The Harvesters

Fresh family produce delivered all over the city.
5:02 is the slaughter time on Harvester farm.

The Beckingridge Family

Elizabeth seeks a tutor in the hopes music lessons will give her nephew something positive to focus on.
The Heaths are Flying High at the Beckingridge firm

The Weirs

Weir Hotel: Shady City Suites

The Doyles

The Good Gang aka The Hickes Agency

The Church of St Wigan

The Unfortunates

Daniel Weir and Vincent Baines made for unfortunate lovers.
Reporters Sam and Madeline prepare to tackle their first stories.

The Feltz Family

The Mayor of the city finds himself in trouble with the Knock Knock Club.

The Bergmans

The Inmates and Staff of The Boss

The Fullertons

The Stokers

The Chamberlains

The Lawmakers

Coldford City High Court. Located in City Main

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