Shady Characters

“The Shady City would present to me some of the most shadiest characters I would ever have the misfortune to meet.”

Our Faithful Narrator

Character Profile: Sam Crusow

Of all the stories Sam has chased, none compared to when he was led to the KNOCK KNOCK CLUB in search of the missing Mayor. That was when the true dirty face of the city began to reveal itself.

Three reporters. How many will survive chasing stories in the Shady City.

The Knock Knock Club

Macks bring the booze. The Knock Knock club bring the talent.
Knock Knock Boss Lady, Tabitha, poses with her aunts – The Baroness and the Broker.

0109: Interview with tawny mcinney

A woman, middle aged, frizzy haired and full figured is brought before me. She is smiling despite her surroundings. She has an unlit cigarette in her hand. She knows she’s not allowed to smoke in the office but she clutches it for comfort. Behind that smile is perhaps a little nervousness.

Where you visiting from?

When times got tough for Tabitha she could always run to the Knock Knock club. This was different though. She couldn’t let her aunt know. She wasn’t ready to talk about what happened.

You’re driving me mad.

Tabitha would make them sorry. She had already begun to. That’s what Agnes was worried about and it was driving her mad.

You’ve Been Served (Part 1)

The Knock Knock BARONESS can barely hold it together on stage.
A letter from the Law Makers is throwing everything into disarray. Time for new leadership.

You’ve Been Served (Part 2)

As the hammer of justice crashes down its thunder will resonate across the entire reach of the Shady City. Many will fear the vibrations but if fear is what it takes then fear it shall be.

Trouble is Brewing

It was a simple moment in life but it is those simple moments that affect us the most. Sure the mug was old, worn and chipped but to rid of it would be to forget those laughs and giggles ever happened.

Fixing Broken Things

I’m not the only kid who ever thought about running away from home, you know. But I can bet that there aren’t many who thought about it as much as I did. I was stopped so many times, brought back to the start. They couldn’t hold me forever. 

The Penns

Reginald Penn with his triplet sons.

Character Profile: Reginald Penn

Reginald pays no mind to the law when it comes to protecting his friends and family. They call him the King of City Main. He’s a noble king but not one to be threatened.

Marcus Penn and his triplet brothers.

Vets, Pets and Lonesome Nights

The Penn triplets have a reputation in the city, violent and wild, so when carrier with two sick rats was given to mild mannered vet, Alex Ferrald, a lot was at stake.

“Rat boy!”

Reggie learned that day that a rat’s sharp incisors could tear human flesh quite easily.

The Macks

The Mack Distillery, located on Love Street in Bellfield.

Character Profile: Kieran Mack

The Mack and Sons form such a tight unit because of their loyalty to each other. Kieran may be the first to cause a headache for them but he is also the first there on hand to help when trouble arrives on Love Street.

Paddy Mack is given an ultimatum.

The Owens

Son and heir Bernard ‘Buddy’ Owen interrupts his shenanigans to accept a call from his father, The Cappy.

Character Profile: Bernard ‘Buddy’ Owen

Having come to the city from the Great States Buddy is a big shark in a pond of minnows. With the whole world at his feet and a powerful family driving him forward Buddy seems a force to be reckoned with.

Character Profile: William ‘Billy’ Owen

Billy is from the broken branch of the Owen family tree so when there are things to mend he’s the best man to call. Just remember folks, an Owen never misses a target and Billy has set his sights on The Shady City.

Owen spokesman, Ronnie, delivers to the press.

Bros for Life!

Kappa So means brothers for life.

Character profile: Chad Perry

What will become of Chad Perry? Who knows? But no matter what happens it is almost a certainty his Kappa So bros will be there right along with him.

Character Profile: Dale Cooper

As far as the Kappa So brothers are concerned Cooper is considered the level head. That doesn’t say much for them or bode well for any who come up against them

What’s the Rush? Part 1

Daniel has a choice, keep his personal life a secret or suffer the consequences from his new brothers. Seems like an easy decision.

What’s the Rush? part 2

“Try me old man. I got nothin’ on ma schedule and a long day ahead. You keep your mouth shut and we say nothin’ more of it.”

We Are Kappa So!

You better believe we are and we’re coming for you, bitches.
We have no one to keep us in check so things are going to get wild.

The Harvesters

Fresh family produce delivered all over the city.

Character Profile: Glenn

A simple man. With providing for his family his only goal his strength and obedience are perfect prey for an opportunist.

Character Profile: Curtis

Brought onto Harvester Farm as part of a steps to work program, Curtis’ new job at Harbour House could see him back in the prison.

Character Profile: Dr G Winslow

Winslow has touched so many lives. From the simple farm girl who he has complete control over to a down on his luck artist. Winslow connects the two and as their stories collide, as artist and muse, a horrifying truth will be revealed as they desperately try to break free.

5:02 is the slaughter time on Harvester farm.

5:02 Slaughter Time

5:02 had always been the slaughter time on Harvester Farm – provider of the finest dairy and the finest meat in the Shady City.

Time to Relax

From Harbour House to the hard working farm. 

Family, friendly produce. No cause for alarm. 

Ready to Collect

I am in the business of saving lives but it is a business. Payment has to be made so that I may go on and help countless others.

The Beckingridge Family

Elizabeth decides music lessons may give something for her out of control nephew something positive to focus on.
The Heaths are Flying High at the Beckingridge firm

The Doyles

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THE JUDGE (Karyn Doyle)

Justice may be blind in one eye but it can sniff bull shit easily. She is feared and with good reason. When it comes to deciding between right and wrong she is the Judge.

Character Profile: Laura Doyle

After a disastrous relationship with artist, DAVID FINN, Laura continued to live her life as she wanted it. Penniless, drug addled and completely free of the Doyle name.

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Upholding the Law

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Character Profile: Olivia (Platt) Hickes

Olivia is kind hearted but stubborn natured. She opened her home to troubled young girls. Little did she know she was exposing them and her family to threat she hadn’t realised had gotten so close.

Character Profile: Lydia Lowe

Lydia has her reasons for being in the Knock Knock club and it’s more than just a job to her. It is the ideal place to observe, to learn and to build a case. In order to do that she has to keep her head down, do her job and keep her feet firm when it comes to back lash from the Boss Lady herself.

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What Did You Do?

Olivia has to face some horrible truths about what’s been happening between her husband and the young girls she brought into her care.

Dance Like Everyone is Watching

Rumours were rife of extortion, murder and a connection to explosions across the city. Lydia had to be patient. She had to play her part, dance and flirt her way through. That night she was to share a stage with the BOSS LADY herself.

The Wigan Order

Faith Abandoned

Feeling abandoned, Dominick has nowhere to turn but to his faith. What do we have if not faith. A little faith can burn down whole cities.

The Unfortunates

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Character Profile: David Finn

His reputation spread but his focus became lost. The art was still speaking to him but the words started to echo the negativity he was trying to bury.

Character Profile: Daniel Weir

Daniel learned the hard way that trust and kindness only get you so far when the policy of your family hotel is that once the reservations are made you pay no mind to what goes on behind the closed doors.

Daniel Weir and Vincent Baines made for unfortunate lovers.

Checking out Teacher

The parents are excited to learn a new music teacher will be joining the faculty.
They can’t help but feel there is something a little off about him though…

1310: Interview with David Finn

A scruffy young man is sat before me. His hair is bleached, his body thin and a little malnourished. He’s been through a lot it seems but brought to Harbour House to combat a drug addiction he’s on the list of those we aim to make better.

As long as it takes

You see, it wouldn’t do good for the residents of Harbour House to look at what went beyond the safe little world that had been created for them.

1105: Interview with Vincent Baines

I am now speaking to a well presented gentleman. He is groomed, well dressed and watching me keenly. However, he struggles with serious personality issues and his residence at Harbour House came at a huge cost.

Making the Headlines:

Reporters Sam and Madeline prepare to tackle their first stories.

Character Profile: Joshua Coby

Joshua was present when the FREE FALL massacre occurred. His life was luckily spared and his details on the event were found to be a little sketchy.

The Mayor of the city finds himself in trouble with the Knock Knock Club.

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