Character Profile: Bartholomew ‘Bart’ Riggs

“It’s a heavy burden to carry but I have broad shoulders.”

Age: Mid thirties

Occupation: Clergyman of the Church of St Wigan


Bart is a life long member of the Church of St Wigan. His importance to the church was cemented at birth when he was named after St Bartholomew the Carrier. St Bartholomew had been tasked with carrying the sword of the great punisher across the dunes when St Wigan first arrived with the intention of bringing God’s word to the natives.

Often found at the side of church leader, DOMINICK COLE, Bart is dedicated to his faith. Important to him is the spreading of the word of St Wigan as well as the protection of his young sister, Leona. Like most other members of the church, Bart will go to whatever extents he needs to to fulfill those aims.

He has an important place within the commune. He is after all named after one of their most revered saints, aside from St Wigan himself. Bart shoulders a most holy burden. As such he has taken part in stoning heathens to death, drowning those who turned their back on the church and with a wrestling grip heaved those from the cliffs who may have brought harm to their island.

Whilst he is dedicated to his faith Bart is known to have a playful spirit. He is fascinated by the debauchery they speak of happening over in the city. If the Church of St Wigan were said to have a spirited member among them that honorific would too be carried by Bart. Wigan warns against the evils of booze, women and money but they can still be fascinating to a young man who has for all intents and purposes never really left the island.

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