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A closer look at characters featured in the Shady City thrillers.

Character Profile – Rodney Weir

“This is my hotel!”

Name: Rodney Weir

Occupation: Owner of the Weir Hotel chain


Weir Hotel: Shady City Suites

The Weir hotel chain has been a feature of Coldford City for generations. As the current head of said chain, Rodney takes that status very seriously. His hotel is important to him. In order to maintain it he needs to ingratiate himself with the right people. This is something Rodney considers himself quite adept at doing. Being lower on the food chain than the likes of the Penn, Beckingridge or Owen families, he has to be adaptable. He knows all the right people. He knows all the right egos to massage. The trouble with that is, when those giant egos that clash, it is the kiss ups like Rodney who become cannon fodder.

Rodney pledged Kappa So in his younger days. His fraternity gives him some backing, helping his hotel to thrive. He’s not much of a frat boy himself but he is known to bring out the jacket, shake the hands of his brothers for life and yell, ‘Kappa So!’ Whenever the situation warrants it.

Rodney’s only son, Daniel, had been the next in line to inherit the hotel chain. The trouble was Daniel didn’t want it. He much preferred a simpler life of a photographer. When Daniel also came out to his father, Rodney wasn’t sure he knew his son at all. His brother, Eddie, scolded Rodney for the treatment of his son. He reminded him that Daniel was a son any father should be proud of no matter what. Rodney would much rather take pride in his hotel. Maybe he would manage to raise the Weir name further up that food chain.

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Character Profile: Bartholomew ‘Bart’ Riggs

“It’s a heavy burden to carry but I have broad shoulders.”

Age: Mid thirties

Occupation: Clergyman of the Church of St Wigan


Bart is a life long member of the Church of St Wigan. His importance to the church was cemented at birth when he was named after St Bartholomew the Carrier. St Bartholomew had been tasked with carrying the sword of the great punisher across the dunes when St Wigan first arrived with the intention of bringing God’s word to the natives.

Often found at the side of church leader, DOMINICK COLE, Bart is dedicated to his faith. Important to him is the spreading of the word of St Wigan as well as the protection of his young sister, Leona. Like most other members of the church, Bart will go to whatever extents he needs to to fulfill those aims.

He has an important place within the commune. He is after all named after one of their most revered saints, aside from St Wigan himself. Bart shoulders a most holy burden. As such he has taken part in stoning heathens to death, drowning those who turned their back on the church and with a wrestling grip heaved those from the cliffs who may have brought harm to their island.

Whilst he is dedicated to his faith Bart is known to have a playful spirit. He is fascinated by the debauchery they speak of happening over in the city. If the Church of St Wigan were said to have a spirited member among them that honorific would too be carried by Bart. Wigan warns against the evils of booze, women and money but they can still be fascinating to a young man who has for all intents and purposes never really left the island.

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Character Profile: Jenna Fullerton

“It’s just business. Innit?”

Name: Jenna Fullerton

Position: Administrator of Fullerton Construction


From the Fullerton family of South Filton, Jenna and the rest of her kin come with a reputation of being uncouth. Responsible for the building of the great bridges around the city Jenna has a lot to live up to but she will always be found down to earth.

What most people note of her is she is a producer of adult films. This has been used to sing her praises as well as been used against her. Either way Jenna will always be herself. She is honest to a fault but she has a good heart. She will always go the extra mile for her loved ones and is not one easily crossed.

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Character profile: Howard Bergman

How long before the bombs begin to fall?

Name: Howard Bergman



Having arrived in Coldford as a child refugee of the Levinkrantz Blitz, Howard is a well known pacifist. He has successfully managed to avoid the violence of the Shady City keeping his family safe. As tensions rise how long will he be able to remain quietly in the background?

He is a kind man, generous to a fault. As a wealthy diamond merchant he has given a lot to those less fortunate. His mild nature has saw him as a target for villainy over the years but he has been lucky to have the support of the thuggish king of Main, REGINALD PENN.

Howard is father to a charming and benevolent son, SETH and a quirky, outgoing daughter Elsa. Both are upstanding members of Coldford society. They serve their father well and they are more precious to him than any of his diamonds.

He is also brother to fierce LAWMAKER SOPHIE. Sophie is kind too but has a much sharper edge.

Protect his family he can but Howard is forced to realise he can’t always stay in the back. Losing his beloved wife, Vera, stands as a firm reminder of mortality. If he wishes to continue keeping his family safe he can’t always rush for refuge. The events brewing in the city are eerily similar to those that preceded the war he fled as a child. The time will come when he will have to stand and fight.

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Character Profile: Benedict ‘Benny’ Woodson

“It’s a real nice place, like.”

Name: Benedict ‘Benny’ Woodson

Age: Twenties

Occupation: Loyalist employee to the AUCTION HOUSE

Features in: THE BOSS

Benny Woodson grew up in the Rumilaw area of City Main. He is the son of dentist, Iain Woodson. He didn’t have the easiest of childhoods. Once well respected, Iain fell to alcohol and the family practice began to falter. Benny and his elder brother Jamie fell victim to abuse at his hands. Jamie, being protective of Benny mostly took the beatings so his little brother wouldn’t have to.

Like many in the City of Coldford, Benny has his football loyalties. He is an avid supporter of the Main based team Coldford City, owned by the Penn family. He is often found at the home matches cheering on the team with zeal.

With a record of petty theft as he and his brother attempted to escape their abuse Benny found himself under the scrutiny of the Penn family, the so called royals of the area. Pity was taken on them and instead of being punished for their crimes they were given a home among the Loyalists of Auction House.

Fitting to his new family, Benny is unshakabley loyal. When followers of the Church of St Wigan desceneded upon the city, Benny stepped up to help protect those who had become family to him. The assault charges as a result meant a term within the keep of Coldford Correctional aka The Boss.

Benny is an optimistic young man though. The Boss has Her way of crushing hope from the most resliant of men but he maintains hope of serving his time and returning to his life on the outside.

We have murderers and thieves. We are home to the worst of the worst in the Shady City. Can a hopeful young man like Benny survive the Hellish halls of The Boss?

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Character Profile: Brady

“I like a bit of the freaky deeky!”

Name: Ryan Brady

Age: Twenties

Occupation: Co founder of Fitness And Perseverance and brother for life.

Features in: THE BOSS

Brady’s natural preppiness and zeal for life can be infectious. The warm energy he brings to a room isn’t easily ignored. He has a natural head for mischief which can be a power used for good or for evil. Mostly it’s just used for mischief for mischief’s sake.

Having founded the Fitness and Perseverance wellness company with his father Carson, there is noone who can FAP like a Brady. They are only too happy to show the masses how they can have a good FAP session.

Brady is a kind spirit among the Kappa So frat. Like his brothers for life he is dedicataed. He can be called upon with trust and he his infectious attitude means he is well received by other fractions in the city, including the Loyalists of Main who have a long standing rivalary with Kappa So. Well, he’s received at least …

He finds himself inside The Boss prison but unlike the other inmates his crimes are … different.

We have murderers, thieves (and Brady). The Boss prison is home to the worst of the worst in the Shady City (and again, Brady).

Character Profile: Mr Kutz

“I hate to be a fusspot …”

Name: Wolfgang Kutz

Age: late forties

Occupation: Lawmaker (Hell Hound office)


He’s Mr Particular of the Office of Lawmakers. His thorough attention to his cases make him a frustrating advesary for those who didn’t follow the rules. He doesn’t like to have anyone escape the grips of the law and he’s willing to go to whatever lengths it takes to uncover the truth.

From the country of Jole, Kutz is a naturally sprightly and bubbly person. This doesn’t make him any more amicable to those who are before his bench. His effervensance just makes it appear he loves his job way too much. He says he hates to a fusspot but some rogues might argue he just loves to make a fuss.

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Character Profile: Freddy Stoker

“Step right up for a freaky, sneaky and full in your face creepy show. I’m Freddy Stoker and welcome to Stoker Circus!”

Name: Frederick Stoker

Age: Early twenties

Occupation: Circus performer.


From the family of circus performers who hailed from the country of Levinkrantz, Freddy is the grandson of the legendary escape artist Adrien Stoker. Of the three Stoker tents (the red, blue and striped BigTop) Freddy leads the freak show from the red. He is a natural performer, learning from his ringmaster father, Irvine. Drawn to the macabre, Freddy enjoys making his audience squirm as he presents the most freakish sights.

Like the rest of his large family he will always be willing to perform on demand if the right person throws some coin into his ring. On the off season he acts as a crime scene cleaner. He is incredibly thorough in his observations which means cleaning up your messes is no sweat. His gymnastic skills and performance flair also see him well equipped to carry out home invasion robberies. He is a despicable little monster among but hey that’s show business!

The Stoker family contain the good, the bad and the downright fiendish. Freddy is of the latter. So if you have the stomach and the morbid curiosity then come on down whilst the circus is in town.

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Character Profile: Jerry Owen

Name: Gerald ‘Jerry’ Owen

Age: Mid Fifties


What can we say about Father Gerald ‘Jerry’ Owen? He is the shame of his powerful family and he cares not a jot about that fact. Over the years his decadent behaviour is well documented. Most notably he stands accused of abusing countless young girls, using his place in the Church of St Wigan as a cover.

Church of St Wigan on Hathfield Bay Island.

One of his victims includes the notable Boss Lady of the Knock Knock club, TABITHA. You will be pleased to note though that was where his life as a libertine came to an abrupt end. Details of his very disgraceful exit from society are still sketchy but it was confirmed he came to a grisly realisation he needed to stop thinking with his crotch!

Tabitha was just as feisty as a youngster.

Joining the church was something of a last resort for Jerry. His brothers, his father and his dear mother were all at their wit’s end. When the abuse started to surface more and more thanks to protests outside his church thanks to the Knock Knock Baroness, TAWNY, he realised his number was up. He was not immortal.

The Baroness was quite the Holy shit stirrer.

Jerry had an easy life in the Church. His family were huge benefactors so he had the largest parish and every luxury a Holy man could ever hope to indulge in. Things changed though. The Church fell to the new leadership who weren’t quite as sympathetic to his quirks. As with any cult It was time to follow or lose it all. When the purge came, Jerry Owen could not be saved.

Available May 14th

Jerry Owen was sent into the priesthood to be hidden as the family shame. When the Church of St Wigan decide on a zealous new leader it could expose everything.

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Character Profile: Dominick Cole

Features in: PURPLE RIBBON

Name: His Eminence Dominick Cole

Age: mid thirties

Occupation: Head of the CHURCH OF ST WIGAN

“We are the children of Wigan and our hearts are pure and strong!”

Dominick is a life long resident of the Wigan commune on HATHFILED BAY island. He was known among his people to be a spirited, intense young man and the Wigans have always adored him. He is dedicated to his faith and as such he was granted the leadership of the church. There isn’t much that can sway him from his oath and he is willing to go to ridiculous lengths to spread the word of St Wigan, also known as the Patron Saint of Sinners.

Although he is known to be wild in his pursuit of purity in the world around him he does also have a whimsical side which people usually respond to well. The Church is known as a cult in some circles and cult leaders tend to have a natural effervescence.

Dealing with the city dwellers over on the mainland can be a bit of a culture shock for Dominick. Luckily he is supported by a knowledgeable clergy who help steer him. The sinners would all be battered over the head with an iron cross if His Eminence was left to his own devices.

His church is steeped in history but his mind is set on the future. That future sees him tasked with purifying the Shady City. No easy feat …

“You cannot be saved but repent and you’ll be in his embrace.”


A mysterious illness and a desperate phone call sends Cult Deprogrammer Reynolds’ sights on the Wigan faith of Hathfield Bay island. Time to face the past.

Available now:

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