Purple Ribbon

“How far must a man fall before the climb back up becomes too steep?”

I Am What I Am

Delores is facing a crisis of faith. On one hand she loves her daughter but on the other her church demands she corrects her wanton behaviour.

Lost Souls

Like a cult, ideas and trends flow through the Shady City. Who better to give his thoughts on this than cult deprogrammer, John Reynolds. Sam is offered an exclusive interview where Agent Reynolds discusses some old case files.

The Circus Is In Town

Val and Gigi Stoker make quite a pair. When they’re not robbing coffins they’re putting on a show. An eminent threat makes the villainous pair want to change. Is it too late?

Diamonds and Stripes

The Stoker Circus family and the Bergman diamond merchants have a long history. They finally find common ground when a cult group gathers popularity. They are very different though so deciding how to deal with it will prove problematic.

Salvation is nigh

We’ve all fallen into holes throughout our lives but do we have the strength pull ourselves out of it? Find out May 14th as the Shady City is swept into the arms of a cult.


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