Purple Ribbon

“How far must a man fall before the climb back up becomes too steep?”

In the gripping thriller “Purple Ribbon,” renowned cult deprogrammer John Reynolds has dedicated his life to rescuing individuals trapped in the clutches of dangerous cults. With his unwavering determination, he has successfully brought countless lost souls back to their loved ones.

But when the Church of St Wigan, a clandestine organization notorious for their mysterious practices, claims someone dear to John, his own world is shattered. Struggling to come to terms with the devastating truth, he is forced to confront his worst nightmare – a battle that will test the limits of his courage and resilience.

As John delves deeper into the dark underbelly of the Church of St Wigan, he uncovers a web of secrets, manipulation, and mind control that threatens not only his personal life but also the lives of countless innocent individuals. Racing against time, he must navigate treacherous alliances and outwit cunning adversaries to save those he holds dear and dismantle the powerful cult that seems to be always one step ahead.

Lost Souls

Before this interview I would have dismissed the cult idea as foolish people being brain washed. Reynolds helped me understand it better and it was more than that.

Loadsa Bunce!

I’ve discussed the dark, the dangerous and the ruthless. The Stoker Circus family encompass all three of things. I’ve never known such a group of people willing to stoop to the lowest levels to keep themselves riding high.

Purple Ribbon Extract

A mysterious illness and a desperate phone call sends Cult Deprogrammer Reynolds’ sights on the Wigan faith of Hathfield Bay island.

I Am What I Am

Delores is facing a crisis of faith. On one hand she loves her daughter but on the other her church demands she corrects her wanton behaviour.

Lost Souls

Like a cult, ideas and trends flow through the Shady City. Who better to give his thoughts on this than cult deprogrammer, John Reynolds. Sam is offered an exclusive interview where Agent Reynolds discusses some old case files.

The Circus Is In Town

Val and Gigi Stoker make quite a pair. When they’re not robbing coffins they’re putting on a show. An eminent threat makes the villainous pair want to change. Is it too late?

Tie that Purple Ribbon Tight

Dennis is a disgusting individual. After a brutal attack he’s looking for some kind of redemption. Taking on the church he was raised in might be a good start. 

Diamonds and Stripes

The Stoker Circus family and the Bergman diamond merchants have a long history. They finally find common ground when a cult group gathers popularity. They are very different though so deciding how to deal with it will prove problematic.

Character Profile: Jerry Owen

If not the shadiest character in the Shady he’s most definitely top three. Father Jerry Owen is a legend for all the wrong reasons.

How far must a man fall?

As manager of the Knock Knock club, Dennis had a dirty job in his hands. When you look at his past though, it gets downright filthy!

Grandma Knows Best

Growing up Tabitha had only heard tales from her aunt of how cruel her grandma was. Now it’s time to see for herself.

Salvation is nigh

We’ve all fallen into holes throughout our lives but do we have the strength pull ourselves out of it? Find out May 14th as the Shady City is swept into the arms of a cult.

Faith Abandoned

Feeling abandoned, Dominick has nowhere to turn but to his faith. What do we have if not faith. A little faith can burn down whole cities.

The Patron Saint of Sinners

You cannot be saved but accept his embrace and you may be forgiven. Upon the bones, teeth and ashes of the non-believers was built the first church of St Wigan.


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