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“Let’s use the power of words to help others and imagine the positive impact we can have on the world around us.”

Mothering Instinct

How would society be if we just treated people they way we do with mothers with young children in tow? how far we would go?


A question was raised to me the other day that really does bear thinking about. And that question was, ‘do you think violence in movies, books and video games creates more violence?’ Given the nature of my own work this is an interesting concept.

Achieve your Potential

My TS sisters are some of the most caring, loving, intelligent and delightfully creative women I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. It’s always a pleasure to help them achieve their full potential.

Nightmare Fuel

The dream world has always fascinated me. Those little stories that your mind tells you as you sleep can be vivid and memorable. They can be akin to some of the best experiences of your real world and they can also make you realise worst. Since I’m a lover of all things macabre I’m going to take a look at some of the darker moments I have experienced in the dream world.

Motto In Life

On a Sunday evening I have a list to dos to make my week ahead more positive and more creative. All these little things help give me a restful sleep and by extension a good start to Monday morning. Those little things matter.

Changing The World

What three ways would you change our world? It’s an interesting question. It’s one that was posed to me the other day and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

The Soundtrack Of Life

I am such a person that I spend a lot of my time stuck inside my own head. With this in mind it gave me cause to think of the part music plays in all our lives.

Words of Encouragement

It doesn’t matter what language, how it is said or who says it it is a word that sends your mind into a chain of thought. Words are influential. It’s easy enough for me to appreciate that being someone for whom words are bread and butter but everyone can be inspired them.

Socially Awkward

As we become such a distant bunch (global pandemic not withstanding) is the art of intimacy becoming a thing of the past?

Overcoming fear

We all have those little things that make us anxious, right? From a little bit of the old butterflies in the stomach right up to shaking fear. Let’s take a moment and consider the human condition.

time to kill

If given a week I believe it would be best spent doing the things that have always made me smile.

responsibility to others

I count myself blessed in life. It is a pleasure to be able to do what I love most. With those blessings comes a responsibility. I believe it is my responsibility to play my part and support my TS sisters in achieving their full potential.

So, what now?

Like every new year, every new month and every new day we are given the chance to strive for something better.

My Life Changing Event

We all have those moments in life where we are taken on a completely different path. Some life events have the potential to change our points of view and some have the opportunity to change everything.

Can’t Live Without

Have you ever been asked what you would find difficult or even impossible to live without if you were stuck on a desert island? No? Well consider this my putting the question to you.

Inspiring words

“And you ask What if I fall? oh but my darling What if you fly? Erin Hanson Words are powerful things, aren’t they? They have the power to put down but they also have the immense potential to lift up. The above quote from a poem by Erin Hanson is one of my absolute favourites. … Continue reading Inspiring words


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