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“Let’s use the power of words to help others and imagine the positive impact we can have on the world around us.”

What inspires me?

We all take inspiration from different things. Sometimes it can be grand visions like the wonders of the world or the imaginings of what lies at the far reaches of our galaxy. Sometimes it can be the simpler things such as how a message from someone close to you made you smile.

What bothers me …

I’m sure there are lots of things we could each pick out that we consider to be bothersome. Some days you’ll feel like nothing will be able to shake you and on others you will find everything to be an irritant.

My Big Adventure

When you reach a certain age it’s likely you will sit back, reflect on your journey so far and ask yourself, what the Hell was I thinking? ​

The Internet Reacts

‘The internet reacts’ is a phrase that gets used a lot these days. Normally it’s in reference to some non story about a psuedo celeb. Am I the only one who finds this ridiculous?

Satire – Funny or Too Far?

It’s not just edgy comedy, it is a tongue in cheek look at this world of ours and how ridiculous it can be at times.

Now what?

Looking back on 2022 there seems to be a collective agreement that it was a real bastard of a year. Pardon my language but sometimes there aren’t any polite words to adequately describe it.


For as long as we’ve existed we’ve sought out animal companions whether it was to assist in hunting or to offer a unique friendship and connection.

The Deadly Sins

Is the fear of an almighty a good enough way to keep people following a code of morals?

My hero

We all need some inspiration. We all need someone to look up to. What do we seek in our heroes?

Whatcha reading?

Had the chance to catch up on reading. Here are my favourite books. What’s yours?

Dinner for Four

It’s an age old question that seems to be important to a lot of people. You most likely would have been asked it in your life in some shape or form and that question is, ’if you were to invite anyone in the world (living or deceased) to a dinner party who would those guests…

Hell Awaits Our Unfortunate Inmates

Bring me that one and that one! He appears to be at a loss. You will all reminded I AM THE BOSS! Prison life in this instance is a descent into Hell.

Television and Cinema: The big vs small debate

When I was younger the big screen was held as the epitome of the entertainment industry. There were popular television shows but if you really wanted your name in lights the cinema and the great red carpet premieres were the ultimate goal. Is this something of a bygone era now?

Reasons to Smile

We can find ourselves feeling overwhelmed but sometimes the simple things are the ones to make us smile the most.


Where have we come from? Where do we plan to go? What have we offered the world around us? To me those are the true measures of success.

Toxic Free Zone

I have hit on this subject matter before but since it is something that really resonates with me and it seems something that so many people have to deal with in their daily lives I am going to broach the subject again

Holiday Hums and New Year Bugs

I can almost hear the collective moan as we recover from a year long hangover of lockdowns and all sorts of other struggles. Regardless of that I hope you all had a great holiday.


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