What inspires me?

We all take inspiration from different things. Sometimes it can be grand visions like the wonders of the world or the imaginings of what lies at the far reaches of our galaxy. Sometimes it can be the simpler things such as how a message from someone close to you made you smile.

What is most important about inspiration is (to put it plainly) what it inspires you to do. Some say I can be quite the macabre sort and I’m going to give credence to that by mentioning the fact that sometimes people are inspired to do terrible things. Horror movies and gore have often been quoted as inspiration for terrible acts. I dare say that has been true in some cases.

Inspiration overall is a wonderful thing. We have been inspired to create great works of art, to build the most beautiful music or to step up and help each other. To me, what inspiration is, underneath it all, is that stirring we all feel to want make a difference.

What have been some of your inspirations? Where do you look for that stirring?

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