Character Profile: John Reynolds

“Can you dig it?”

Name: John Reynolds

Occupation: Cult depgrogrammer ; Member of the Hickes Agency aka Good Gang


Reynolds is always there to help. He has some trauma of his own that he carries but as long as he’s able to help others then that’s just groovy. He’s warm hearted and friendly, when he’s needed though he’s happy to get into the thick of the action.

He is a cult deprogrammer and has brought many back from dangerous cults across the world. He thrives on being able to reunite lost loved ones and despite his background in the army firmly believes that peace and love are the way forward.

The most challenging cult that John has faced is the Church of Wigan on Hathfield Bay island. He and church leader, Dominick Cole, have found themselves at odds more than once. Things have gotten really gnarly between them.

He and Joel Hickes were close so when it came time to form the agency in his name there was no better place for Reynolds to be. Some might argue he puts the good in the Good Gang.

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