Webb Industries

Leading the way in commercial fishing, Webb Industries have always found the best catch. From Swantin Heights to the farthest reaches of Luen the fleet of Webb fishing vessels have provided quality sole, mackerel and cod for generations.  
Supplying thousands of homes across Coldford, Webb Industries are the first in seafood. 
Webb industries: Only catching the best. 

Location: Dockside, Swantin

Features in: KNOCK KNOCK

For generations the Webb family have been one of the wealthiest and influential in the Swantin area of the city. Owners of the fishing industries and the Fisherman’s Union, Webb Industries have a large presence in seas between the city and Hathfield Bay island.

Fergus Webb and his brother Duncan brought the fishing firm into the latest age with new factories and extra vessels. When the brothers died the head of the fishing industry was to fall to Fergus’ eldest son, Hugo. However, Hugo was a passionate animal activist. He objected to fishing so he abdicated from his place to focus on his activism leaving the Webb Industries in the hands of his little brother Fergie.

Supplying markets from the Jolly Shopper supermarkets to the Delphine fine dining restaurant, Webb industries are focused on quality but with big brother focused on guilting the little one into disbanding their boats it will take the impressionable little Fergie standing up for himself to keep Webb Industries alive.

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