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A closer look at locations featured in the Shady City thrillers.

The Greatest: Northside Precinct

Location: Northside

Features in: KNOCK KNOCK

Centuries ago in the area of Northside, just north of Bellfield, there existed a knight named Niall Tulloch. Through his successes in battle Niall became known as the greatest Northsider. His family went on to rule the area. The central point of this rule lies within the Northside Precinct.

Since the disappearance of Mayor Feltz, the Northside counsellor, the area has suffered a great deal. Feltz’s daughter, Ruby, has been left with a lot of mess to clear up. This isn’t helped by the precinct now being in the hands of Liam Tulloch. Liam is Hell bent on proving himself on being just as successful as his ancestor leaving the precinct falling to ruin.

The stirrings of war, the mistrust of Feltz’s legacy as well as the moronic ramblings of Liam Tulloch have left the Precinct a shadow of what it once was. One day perhaps someone will shine light upon it again.

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Royal Residence: The Faulds Park Building

Location: City Main


With it’s prime location in City Main, the Faulds building is one of the most luxurious residences in Coldford. It is a stately abode, the penthouse of which is where the Penn family call home, fitting for the so called royals of Main.

It was first established centuries ago by the Marquis Phillipe de Penn who was granted lands by King James the first. Since then the tower has held strong. It is a symbol of privilege and power. More than that, it is a family home where you will find lots of images and family mementos.

Whilst the building is incredibly secure, being able to infiltrate it could spell disaster for the Auction House dynasty. The generations of Penns who have lived there have it’s protection a priority. If troubles in Coldford City were to fall into Main, the hold of Faulds would become crucial.

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Webb Industries

Leading the way in commercial fishing, Webb Industries have always found the best catch. From Swantin Heights to the farthest reaches of Luen the fleet of Webb fishing vessels have provided quality sole, mackerel and cod for generations.  
Supplying thousands of homes across Coldford, Webb Industries are the first in seafood. 
Webb industries: Only catching the best. 

Location: Dockside, Swantin

Features in: KNOCK KNOCK

For generations the Webb family have been one of the wealthiest and influential in the Swantin area of the city. Owners of the fishing industries and the Fisherman’s Union, Webb Industries have a large presence in seas between the city and Hathfield Bay island.

Fergus Webb and his brother Duncan brought the fishing firm into the latest age with new factories and extra vessels. When the brothers died the head of the fishing industry was to fall to Fergus’ eldest son, Hugo. However, Hugo was a passionate animal activist. He objected to fishing so he abdicated from his place to focus on his activism leaving the Webb Industries in the hands of his little brother Fergie.

Supplying markets from the Jolly Shopper supermarkets to the Delphine fine dining restaurant, Webb industries are focused on quality but with big brother focused on guilting the little one into disbanding their boats it will take the impressionable little Fergie standing up for himself to keep Webb Industries alive.

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You Cannot be Saved: The Church of Wigan


Your trip across to Hathfield Bay island isn’t complete without taking a closer look at the Church of St Wigan. Established centuries ago by Noah Wigan – the patron saint of sinners – the church, whilst remaining understated, has gone from strength to strength over the years.

From an outsiders perspective the church has always been seen as extreme in their views. The Wigan way of life requires a lot of sacrifice and even if you give your all the church motto still remains ‘you cannot be saved’. In the hands of a man named Parson Verger the church gathered a reputation for protecting pedophiles and other monsters among their clergy. When the leadership passed to a spirited young man named Dominick Cole, who was Hell bent on cleansing, those monsters were burned and drowned.

Like most organised religions the behaviour of the Wigan congregation can be righteous. They are considered a cult and it has been easy for people to be swept up in their teachings. Many a runaway from the city has knocked on the door of the commune, they have been welcomed behind the walls never to return. Wigan embraces all sinners and if you have a sinful past to leave behind in Coldford, the church may just be your saving grace.

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Fine Dining: The Delphine Restaurant

Owned and operated by master chef Bastian Delphine, the Delphine restaurant opened with the sole aim of offering quality dining, using fresh seasonal produce and local where possible, which can be enjoyed in elegant and modern surroundings. 
Filton is the best place for fine dining in Coldford. Reservations fill up fast so book now to avoid disappointment.  

Location: Filton Main Street, Filton


Owned and operated by famed chef Bastian Delphine, the Delphine restaurant is one of the hottest spots for fine dining in Coldford City. Located in Filton, home of the infamous Beckingridge family, the Delphine is a regular haunt for the billionaires of Beckingridge manor.

Trained in the country of Luen, with all the charm of his Jolian mother, Bastian is a well liked chef for whom the dining experience of his guests is top priority.

George Beckingridge, the financial firm heir, is often found at the Delphine, quoting he’s worried his aunt Elizabeth would poison him if he ate at home. This wouldn’t have been the first time.

Like many places in the Shady City the Delphine is not without it’s history of trouble. The Fullerton family have been banned from the facility after construction boss, Jake Fullerton and his ex wife entered into an argument. There was also talk of members of the cult Church of St Wigan attempting to spike the food with hallucinogenic heether mushrooms from the island.

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Room Service: Weir Hotel

Location: City Main ; Business District


The streets of City Main are busy, no matter the hour. Situated across from the monumental Beckingridge Tower is Weir Hotel. With their twenty four hour reception they are always happy to accommodate, no matter the hour and no questions asked.

Some rooms within this hotel, built at the turn of the last century, may have been cordoned off as crime scenes but it is a family establishment. Proprietor, Rodney Weir, will be on hand to provide a personal welcome. A mistress to tend to? No trouble. Here’s your room key. What goes on behind those doors is no one’s business but your own.

Immerse yourself in the luxury of a bygone era and live amongst the hustle and bustle of the . Our spacious rooms offer a city views from a location convenient to local amenities. Within walking distance you will find the Chamberlain library, art houses, the Central theatre and the beautiful Timeline shopping district.

If you come to Coldford City, a room at Weir Hotel will be waiting for you.

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The Finest Vintage: Walden’s Wine

From the sun kissed vineyards of Abbarugio to the busy City Main of Coldford comes a fine wine made from the freshest fruits and blended with generations of expertise.  
Bold, fine bodied and sparkling. A taste of Walden’s is a taste of exceptional skill and tradition.  
Walden’s Wine – a taste of the finer life.  


Location: City Main ; Entertainment District

From the sun soaked vineyards of Abbarugio to the bustling entertainment district of Coldford’s City Main Walden’s brings the finest vintages, festive bubblies and the strongest malts.

A family run brand led by patriarch Harris Walden, the success of Walden’s brand is due to the charms, contacts and expertise of wife Molly Walden. Along with two sons, Hunter and LLoyd, the Walden’s wine is a taste of family spirit.

By day the upstairs wine bar hosts elite young go getters mostly from Beckingridge Tower. The trendy hot spot is well known around the city. By night the downstairs opens to a nightclub with a reputation for hedonism, drugs and loud music.

So pick up a bottle of Walden’s. We highly recommend the Eighty Five. It was a very good year and it still stands as the finest.

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Racing Ahead: Cooper Garages

Location: Main Street, Filton.


Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for the ride of your life.  
With the fastest, safest and smoothest drive on the market Cooper cars are the first in automobile engineering. Feel like a racing superstar with our sports models that mimic the global champion Mad Dog racers.  
Choose from a variety of paint colours and customise your interiors because a Cooper is not just a car it is a way of life.  
Cooper Cars – racing ahead. 

If you are lookin for a fast ride in luxury then look no further than Cooper Cars. With skilled engineers on hand Cooper boasts the best cars you could ever hope to drive in the Shady City. Their boast is not without merit. Cooper does in fact provide vehicles of a quality very few others compare to.

Above all the others is the award winning, race track dominating Mad Dog fleet. The yellow speedster, Sunny, the blue navigator, Sky, the green corner spinner, Emerald and the booming red Cherry combine to make a fleet of vehicles unlike any others.

When they aren’t winning races or providing demos they are found on the streets of Tokashima. Their impressive abiilities have been used in the past for sinister means. It is said that if you find yourself an enemy of a Cooper you may need to be careful when crossing the road.

Owned and operated by Marshall Cooper, Cooper Garages will always relish in success, especially when he has his Kappa So brothers at his back for support. Marshall himself is a expert mechanical engineer so he does have reason for the attitude that he carries with him. He is THE Mad Dog and if you have the money, the skill and the need for some flash, step inside the Cooper show room.

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Step Right Up: Stoker Circus

“You’re going to have the best day.
We’re going to take all your troubles away.
We’re going to laugh and sing.
You’ll smile at everything because Stoker Circus is on its way.”

Based in the rural region of the city Stoker Circus originated in the country of Levinkrantz. The have existed for centuries and their grand striped Big Top now resides in Allford (also known as Alford).

It is truly a spetacle to be seen with top acts including the trapeezy easys, strong man Otto and a freak show not to be missed! A day at Stoker Circus is fun for all the family and you can even try your luck at the carnival games.

It’s all fun and games until you realise you are missing some valuables. The Stoker family are also thieving scoundrels. What may or may not have escaped notice is when the Stoker tents are pitched there tends to be a spat of home invasion robberies in the area. Have you had a lizard woman crawl in your window? Has a freakish little man named Freddy knocked on your door telling you your cat has been run over?

Despite it’s terrible reputation and the lack of morality among its perofrmers, Stoker Circus does have it’s qualities too. One of its most famous performers, the legendary escape artist Adrien Stoker, was considered a war hero. He was a theiving scoundrel too but he did put his skills to good use and saved hundreds of lives during the Levinkrantz blitz.

So step right up for a show you won’t forget.

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Building Bridges: Fullerton Construction

“We are Filton!”

Location: FILTON


The biggest names in construction in the Shady City the Fullerton family firmly established themselves as the premier provider of construction and demolition services. With the monumental Fullerton bridge to their names no one can argue their reputation for knowing how to build sound structures. They are also responsible for the building of other notable buildings in Coldford such as the Faulds Park Building, the WEIR HOTEL and the BECKINGRIDGE TOWER.

A large family the Fullertons are known to have their fingers in a lot of different pies around the city. Brothers Jake and Caleb head the construction contracts, whilst their sister Jenna makes her name in the adult film industry. Until recently matriarch grandma, Lynette Fullerton sat the top of the family table but unfortunately she was one of the fallen 59 in the event known as the FREE FALL MASSACRE.

Lynette Fullerton provides some tough negotiations for the Beckingridge Financial Firm.

They are an old money family from the wealthy town of Filton. Keen to show pride in their town they have ownership of one of the University teams. They aim of which is to build bridges between the two main institutions of higher learning in the city.

The construction empire currently in the hands of Jenna Fullerton

Whether it is tearing it apart or building it back up, Fullerton Construction are on hand in the Shady City.

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