Character profile: Howard Bergman

How long before the bombs begin to fall?

Name: Howard Bergman



Having arrived in Coldford as a child refugee of the Levinkrantz Blitz, Howard is a well known pacifist. He has successfully managed to avoid the violence of the Shady City keeping his family safe. As tensions rise how long will he be able to remain quietly in the background?

He is a kind man, generous to a fault. As a wealthy diamond merchant he has given a lot to those less fortunate. His mild nature has saw him as a target for villainy over the years but he has been lucky to have the support of the thuggish king of Main, REGINALD PENN.

Howard is father to a charming and benevolent son, SETH and a quirky, outgoing daughter Elsa. Both are upstanding members of Coldford society. They serve their father well and they are more precious to him than any of his diamonds.

He is also brother to fierce LAWMAKER SOPHIE. Sophie is kind too but has a much sharper edge.

Protect his family he can but Howard is forced to realise he can’t always stay in the back. Losing his beloved wife, Vera, stands as a firm reminder of mortality. If he wishes to continue keeping his family safe he can’t always rush for refuge. The events brewing in the city are eerily similar to those that preceded the war he fled as a child. The time will come when he will have to stand and fight.

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