The Finest Vintage: Walden’s Wine

From the sun kissed vineyards of Abbarugio to the busy City Main of Coldford comes a fine wine made from the freshest fruits and blended with generations of expertise.  
Bold, fine bodied and sparkling. A taste of Walden’s is a taste of exceptional skill and tradition.  
Walden’s Wine – a taste of the finer life.  


Location: City Main ; Entertainment District

From the sun soaked vineyards of Abbarugio to the bustling entertainment district of Coldford’s City Main Walden’s brings the finest vintages, festive bubblies and the strongest malts.

A family run brand led by patriarch Harris Walden, the success of Walden’s brand is due to the charms, contacts and expertise of wife Molly Walden. Along with two sons, Hunter and LLoyd, the Walden’s wine is a taste of family spirit.

By day the upstairs wine bar hosts elite young go getters mostly from Beckingridge Tower. The trendy hot spot is well known around the city. By night the downstairs opens to a nightclub with a reputation for hedonism, drugs and loud music.

So pick up a bottle of Walden’s. We highly recommend the Eighty Five. It was a very good year and it still stands as the finest.

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