The Tower of Industry: Beckingridge Tower

The tallest tower in City Main. The BECKINGRIDGE tower (sometimes referred to as Beck Tower) is the tallest building in City Main. It is home of the BECKINGRIDGE financial firm. The office in the penthouse suite is the working home of CEO ERNEST.

It has the financial hub of the city and how can a city function without cold hard cash? It puts a lot of responsibility on their shoulders of the CEO but it has been his family industry for generations so what other choice does he have?

It has withstood a lot of attacks over the years as an empire. It has waded through recession, through embezzlement and through the families personal problems but when the FREE FALL benefit is held at the tower and party guests start to leap inexplicably from the roof it may be the final nail in the financial giant’s coffin.

Ernest’s son and heir, George has been a complete handful lately and his mother is no longer around to help control him. In the hopes of giving him something more positive to focus on they bring in music tutor, Vincent.

Vivika Widow’s hit novel MAESTRO is just 99p/c to download HERE.

Coming soon in the KNOCK KNOCK graphic novel series: Climb to the top of Beck Tower with us and prepare for a leap of faith.


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