Character Profile: Bernard ‘Buddy’ Owen

“Godballs, brah!”

Age: 24

Occupation: KAPPA SO! Brother for life!


Only son of Charles ‘Chick’ Owen better known as The Cappy, Buddy’s family empire stretches from political dynasties, property development and golf resorts but was originally founded in chicken farming. It’s suffice to say he leads a privileged life. With privilege comes the ability to bend the rules in one’s favour.

Leader of the COLDFORD Chapter of Kappa So. Buddy relishes chaos and being allowed to run amok in the Shady City. Rumours leaving the chapter house of the ridiculous requests of the pledges are plentiful but it has been the way since the original Owen founded them.

The Big House on Campus

Having come to the city from the Great States Buddy is a big shark in a pond of minnows. With the whole world at his feet and a powerful family driving him forward Buddy seems a force to be reckoned with. The KNOCK KNOCK CLUB club have found themselves a dangerous enemy.

Pledging the legendary Kappa So fraternity can be a little … wild.

Buddy is spoiled, over privileged and has faced little consequences for his actions. However, there is more to the frat boy than meets the eye. Deep down (and we mean waaaaay deep down) he’s just a torn up young man who could do a lot of good if someone were to step up to the mark. Who would be willing to take on that challenge?

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The Knock Knock club was causing some problems for the Owens. When it started affecting business something had to be done. Read free here or download complete season 1 for kindle. Free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

When the Knock Knock club was attacked all eyes fell on the boys of Kappa So. Now that the Baroness is in rehab at Harbour House there’s some cleaning to do.

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