Character Profile: Reggie ‘Reginald’ Penn

Age: 29

Occupation: proprietor of the PENN AUCTION HOUSE.

Features in: Knock Knock, MUSE

No you’re not seeing treble. Reggie is one of the three Penn triplets. Whilst big brother MARCUS (centre) is the eldest by a few minutes Reggie enjoys being the baby of the team. Of his three brothers he probably holds the least responsibility although he is made to contribute to the family business at the insistence of their mother, Rita.

Reggie, like his brothers is hyper intelligent. Where Marcus has the head for leadership and middle brother Simon has the head for numbers Reggie’s prowess lies in knowing what draws a crowd. He is the one acquisition agents will turn to for advice on what will sell. Reggie seems to have a talent for picking out the next best thing. He did so for artist, DAVID FINN, giving him the chance of redeeming his failing career.

What is most distinctive about Reggie is his love of rats. Growing up he kept several animals but he had a special fondness for rodents. He keeps fifty cages at a warehouse held by the Penn Gallery. Whilst he loves them he does conduct cruel experiments on them. He is especially interested in how far he can push their loyalty in exchange for a food pellet. Cutting the heads of the young, burning tails and deliberately infecting them with diseases, Reggie sees himself something of a scientist. If he didn’t have family loyalty to the Penn House he could very well been in a laboratory.

Where brother, Marcus was a big feature in KNOCK KNOCK volume 1, Reggie will be making his debut in Volume 2, coming this summer.

Volume 1 is free to read on Vivika Widow Online or download for Kindle by clicking HERE.

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