Character Profile: Rita Penn

“Is everything okay baby?”

Name: Rita Penn

Occupation: Matriarch of the Penn Auction House


The matriarch of the Penn family is widely considered a loving mother, dedicated wife and most importantly a noble queen. When the family is considered the royalty of Main, Queen Rita took that job seriously and selflessly dedicated herself to service of her people.

Her biggest passions were her work with the Central Theatre and the City Youth Fund which she set up to offer young people in her area support. She was mostly known for working with troubled teens with nowhere else to turn.

Rita hailed from the Delphine family who are a long line of chefs, famous for the Delphine restaurant in Filton. Rita herself was a dancer. She met her husband to be at St Alban’s school which they both attended. They were inseparable as high school sweethearts and their bond only grew over the years.

Whilst the responsibility of Main presented many challenges, Rita always did her best to offer her family a true wife and mother.

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