Character Profile: Claude Emmerson

“It’s my duty, sir.”

Name: Claude Emmerson

Occupation: Auction House Loyalist

Features in: KNOCK KNOCK

Emmerson has been a life long Loyalist. The thuggish group of City Main have been his family for as far back as he can remember. His parents were interpreters for the Auction House and resided on the tenth floor of the Penn owned Faulds Park Building.

As a young man, Emmerson showed merit in his natural strength and protectiveness. Emmerson always accepts his tasks with dignity and respect. He is kind hearted to the point he often neglects his own existence. Loyal to the end he was often trusted to be by the side of the King of Main himself.

Emmerson is a keen rugby player and avid Coldford City fan. When he is not on duty he frequents the karaoke bars with his fellow Loyalists. However, if called, he can be trusted to always come through.

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