Royal Residence: The Faulds Park Building

Location: City Main


With it’s prime location in City Main, the Faulds building is one of the most luxurious residences in Coldford. It is a stately abode, the penthouse of which is where the Penn family call home, fitting for the so called royals of Main.

It was first established centuries ago by the Marquis Phillipe de Penn who was granted lands by King James the first. Since then the tower has held strong. It is a symbol of privilege and power. More than that, it is a family home where you will find lots of images and family mementos.

Whilst the building is incredibly secure, being able to infiltrate it could spell disaster for the Auction House dynasty. The generations of Penns who have lived there have it’s protection a priority. If troubles in Coldford City were to fall into Main, the hold of Faulds would become crucial.

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