Character Profile: Hugo Webb

“You may recognise me from my vlogs.”

Name: Hugo Webb

Occupation: Activist, vlogger and influencer.

Features in: KNOCK KNOCK ;

Son of the late fisherman and Webb Industries CEO, Fergus Webb, Hugo abdicated from his birth right citing fishing being murder. Hugo decided to dedicate his time instead to animal activism. He is the founder of the ARC group (Animal Rights of Coldford). With millions of followers, he is one of the top influencers on Coby Games’ HANGOUT platform. He is vain and snobbish but passionate about his cause.

The ARC have been known to go to extreme lengths to raise awareness of animal rights including thrown potent acid on models who wore fur and covering theater goers with red paint. Hugo is a vibrant leader but can be a little unstable.

He is often found carrying out his live streams with a great constrictor snake named Shyla whom he rescued. There are many podcasts and episodes dedicated to the evil that is Perry Zoo which he is Hell bent shutting down.

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