You Cannot be Saved: The Church of Wigan


Your trip across to Hathfield Bay island isn’t complete without taking a closer look at the Church of St Wigan. Established centuries ago by Noah Wigan – the patron saint of sinners – the church, whilst remaining understated, has gone from strength to strength over the years.

From an outsiders perspective the church has always been seen as extreme in their views. The Wigan way of life requires a lot of sacrifice and even if you give your all the church motto still remains ‘you cannot be saved’. In the hands of a man named Parson Verger the church gathered a reputation for protecting pedophiles and other monsters among their clergy. When the leadership passed to a spirited young man named Dominick Cole, who was Hell bent on cleansing, those monsters were burned and drowned.

Like most organised religions the behaviour of the Wigan congregation can be righteous. They are considered a cult and it has been easy for people to be swept up in their teachings. Many a runaway from the city has knocked on the door of the commune, they have been welcomed behind the walls never to return. Wigan embraces all sinners and if you have a sinful past to leave behind in Coldford, the church may just be your saving grace.

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