Character Profile: Peter Millicent

“Praise Wigan and may he steady your hand.”

Name: Father Peter Millicent

Occupation: Leading clergyman of the Church of St Wigan


Peter is considered the gentle hand of the Church of St Wigan. The island cult is rife with rumours of burnings, drowings and stonings but Peter stands as the face of the church, demonstrating the gentle embrace of Wigan and their claim that all sinners will be accepted. Truthfully, Peter is a kindly soul. Whilst the church teachings he believes in (and on occassion gives himself) are harsh, Peter is dedicated to the salvation of others. It is why he is by the side of spirited church leader, Dominick Cole as his gentle hand.

Peter was born and raised in the Wigan commune on Hathfield Bay island. The ways of the City Dwellers are strange to him. However, unlike his church brethren he is willing to accept the differences in their way of life.

As much as Peter would love his church to show the forgiving nature of their founder, St Noah Wigan, in the Shady City that kind of nature isn’t easily accepted. The patron St of Sinners, whom they follow needed to inflict punishment for a reason.

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