Character Profile: Remar

“Get behind the lines!”

Name: Gianni Remar

Occupation: warden of Coldford Correctional


It’s not at all an easy job being the warden of The Boss. Her halls are Hell on earth and it takes something of a detached spirit to control them objectively and completely. No one is more familiar with the worst of the worst than Remar. He is well acquainted with The Boss’ wishes. Despite being a difficult mistress to serve he never disappoints. He has excellent instincts when dealing with miscreants. He knows when to cut some slack and he knows when to come down hard.

His experience comes from his time served in a group termed the Anti Makri Intelligence Agency. The Makri were a terror group that had spread globally trafficking guns, drugs and women and children. A branch within that group ‘Hell’s Hunter’s’ were tasked with combating the Makri spread. Remar was their specialist jailer. The gave him the codename Cerberus after the mythical three headed hound of Hades who guarded the underworld. It is an honorific Remar is extremely proud of. Riots, threats and all the despicable creatures you would find behind bars do not faze Cerberus. Even the toughest inmate would scramble when they hear him bark, ‘get behind the lines!’

Remar is not without his personal issues though. He has his young daughter, Rosa, to protect which he would do so with his life. It is known among the inmates and the other guards that he has taken the position at The Boss as something of a retirement plan. The question remains though, if the toughest prison in the Shady City is his retirement, what had he been keeping imprisoned before?


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