Reasons to Smile

With the world around us being something of a mess and more pressure thrust upon us each day we can all feel a little overwhelmed to a greater or lesser extent. We’ve just come out of January – the Monday morning of the year. A virus is still raging, threatening to dictate our lifestyle and politics is a hot mess across the world. There are many reasons to wake up and think, ‘this bloody place!’ Yes it seems dire but let me make a suggestion. Take the time to consider the best parts your day. I know that sounds like stupid advice from a grumpy author and it might seem a dreadfully simplified response to what’s going on. However, allow me to explain.

Like many I find myself falling into depressive episodes. Mental and physical exhaustion often manifests itself into a train of morbid thoughts that can’t be shaken off. Then the need to step outside and put on that smile sends a bag of wriggling anxiety worms chewing through that depression. I decided that although what I was feeling was valid I wasn’t going to let it consume me. So, now each morning (even on those days I’m struggling to get started) I ask myself to recite at least three things I am looking forward to in that day. I urge myself to focus on the little things that will make me smile or breathe a sigh of relief. These can be really simple things like I how I’m looking forward to grabbing a coffee in my favourite book store or I’m going to be having a visit from my niece or nephew. They don’t have to be especially life changing, sometimes the best things are the simple ones. I found that no matter how dreadful the day seems if I can point out little things that make me smile it shows me it doesn’t have to be all so bad.

I’m not a professional in mental health so this is by no means sound medical advice. I’m hoping that by sharing this little tip others will be able to calm themselves and perhaps find that road to recovery that can seem all so far away.

All in all, look after yourselves, look after each other and I urge you to pick just three little things about your day that you are looking forward to or will make you smile. It will make even the toughest situations that bit easier.

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