Character Profile: Siobhan Mack

“We will win this.”

Name: Siobhan Mack

Occupation: Owner and operator of Mack and Sons distillery

Features in: KNOCK KNOCK

The Mack Distillery, located on Love Street in Bellfield.

Growing up as the only daughter of Brendan and Annie Mack, Siobhan was given the chance to live a carefree life. As she grew up she paid far more attention to her namesake distillery than her family realised. Seen as the party girl she was never given the credit for having a mind for the business.

Having faced a great deal of tragedy in her life Siobhan was thrust into the leadership role. In that role she thrived and prove she was far more than the little sister. She demonstrated her intelligence and her shrewdness. Unlike her fiery tempered brothers she kept her calm and realised the only way the distillery would ever move forward would be to adjust.

The Mack and Sons brand still has a great deal to do to bring themselves back from the brink but with Siobhan at the helm they stand every chance of doing just that.

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