The Greatest: Northside Precinct

Location: Northside

Features in: KNOCK KNOCK

Centuries ago in the area of Northside, just north of Bellfield, there existed a knight named Niall Tulloch. Through his successes in battle Niall became known as the greatest Northsider. His family went on to rule the area. The central point of this rule lies within the Northside Precinct.

Since the disappearance of Mayor Feltz, the Northside counsellor, the area has suffered a great deal. Feltz’s daughter, Ruby, has been left with a lot of mess to clear up. This isn’t helped by the precinct now being in the hands of Liam Tulloch. Liam is Hell bent on proving himself on being just as successful as his ancestor leaving the precinct falling to ruin.

The stirrings of war, the mistrust of Feltz’s legacy as well as the moronic ramblings of Liam Tulloch have left the Precinct a shadow of what it once was. One day perhaps someone will shine light upon it again.

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