Character Profile: Brady

“I like a bit of the freaky deeky!”

Name: Ryan Brady

Age: Twenties

Occupation: Co founder of Fitness And Perseverance and brother for life.

Features in: THE BOSS

Brady’s natural preppiness and zeal for life can be infectious. The warm energy he brings to a room isn’t easily ignored. He has a natural head for mischief which can be a power used for good or for evil. Mostly it’s just used for mischief for mischief’s sake.

Having founded the Fitness and Perseverance wellness company with his father Carson, there is noone who can FAP like a Brady. They are only too happy to show the masses how they can have a good FAP session.

Brady is a kind spirit among the Kappa So frat. Like his brothers for life he is dedicataed. He can be called upon with trust and he his infectious attitude means he is well received by other fractions in the city, including the Loyalists of Main who have a long standing rivalary with Kappa So. Well, he’s received at least …

He finds himself inside The Boss prison but unlike the other inmates his crimes are … different.

We have murderers, thieves (and Brady). The Boss prison is home to the worst of the worst in the Shady City (and again, Brady).

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