Character Profile: Dennis Platt

Name: Dennis Platt

Age: 42

Features in: The Knock, Knock series.

Occupation: Knock, Knock club manager.


At first glance our club manager is a friendly, enthusiastic albeit full on man. Noticeably more interested in the female members of the club Dennis is a serial womaniser.

Like most people in the Shady City he has a dark past. Something caused a well known man about town to leave his wife and child and find himself managing the seediest club in town. If you are willing to dig deep you will find the fire power required to bring the Knock, Knock club.


He has a special connection with club owner Tabitha but if our reporter Sam is going to get to the bottom of the disappearance of the City Mayor he will have to look past Dennis’ flaws. His regrets could give Sam the story he needs.


Dennis is good looking, vibrant and has a way with people but with his predatory instincts would you trust him?

Dennis is a strong feature in the Knock, Knock graphic novel series which is free to read HERE on





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