Character Profile: Elsa Bergman

Name: Elsa Bergman

Age: Mid twenties


“It’s a wild ride, baby.”

Elsa hails from a loving family. The Bergmans are well known in Coldford City for being kind and caring people who rarely find themselves mixed up in the troubles of Coldford. Elsa is considered the wild child by Bergmans standards but in a city where a thirst for blood is a prerequisite for survival her actions pale by comparison.

In the grips of a gambling problem Elsa found herself mixed up with the nefarious Stoker Circus family, she has had a tendency to keep the company of partners who are not suitable and in comparison to her high achieving brother, Seth, she is considered the Bergman black sheep. All in all though, like her family, Elsa is good natured. When she is given the chance she has a natural ability for party and events planning. She has a mind for business and only her own low self esteem gets in her way.

Elsa has tackled the odds. She deserves more credit than she tends to receive and she has come to accept that as her place. After all the years of avoiding conflict, the Bergmans look ready to be thrown into the middle of it all. It will be up to Elsa to keep a cool head through it all.

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