Hell Awaits Our Unfortunate Inmates

Gather round, ladies and gentlemen. Gather round, for a tale of desperate men on society’s ultimate time out. 

You may find yourself feeling sorry for them. But don’t. They know why they’re here. They know what they did.

Here we have murderers, thieves and vagabonds of all descriptions. We are home to the worst of the worst in the Shady City. They will now pay for their crimes. They won’t be shown an ounce of pity.

This castle was once home to a glorious queen. You can’t imagine the battles and blood shed she had seen. Times may have moved on quite a bit since then but our dungeons are still filled with the cries of desperate men.

Bring me that one! And that one! Yes, and that one too!

That fat one cowering in the corner? I suppose he’ll have to do.

Bring me him! And him! That one appears to be at a loss. 

You will all be reminded I AM THE BOSS! 


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