ACT 1 

Scene 1 

SETTING: An open street. Early evening. 

AT RISE: [A tall man, ADRIEN – mid thirties and dressed in a vibrant red and blue shirt – stands centre stage. He spreads his arms and projects his voice in the way of a performance.]  


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Step right up for a truly amazing show. I’m Adrien Stoker and welcome to Stoker Circus!  

You can expect thrills, spills and chills as I tell you the tale of how low people can stoop to protect themselves. You may even shed a tear for your man here when you learn of the hardships I faced. I may not see you on the other side, such are the dangers that are about to unfold before your very eyes. If I don’t return to you at the end of it all know that I departed this great realm of ours doing what I love the most and that is bringing a smile to people’s faces. There is only one rule after all, here at Stoker Circus. That rule is you are not allowed to leave feeling sad.  

The story I am about to tell isn’t all smiles I’m afraid. It is fraught with danger but it is a story you must hear and It is my job to make sure you smile again before the end.  

You will meet people who make revolting a part of their personality. You will encounter the cruel, the wicked and the nasty. I have no right to judge, some would say. I am a bit of double dealing swine myself. At least I was. You see, I stand before you, ladies and gentlemen, a man so different from before. I saw things that made me realise the most important thing in life is the impression you leave on others. I’m not too shy to admit there was a time I stole and deceived. That’s what some would remember me for. The world around me became a dreadful place. It made me realise I wanted people to smile and cheer more than anything. I was forced to change my ways and there is no greater wake up call than the crash of bombs falling, destroying everything around you. What had my life mattered? It had mattered very little but it wasn’t the end. My life is a reminder that no matter how appalling people can be or how ghastly things get there are always going to be places you cannot leave sad. That is the legacy I wanted. That is what I would be remembered for. It wasn’t easy but then again things worth doing rarely are.  

We are so pleased to have you here at Stoker Circus. Sit back, relax and allow me to take you to where it all began.  

Hunter Walden finds himself overwhelmed when his family’s wine empire is left in his hands. Luckily a lovely stranger, Raquel, arrives in time to help. Hunter has always been a bit of a chump and once again he finds himself in trouble because he just can’t see she has ulterior motives.

A play by Vivika Widow

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