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Room Service: Weir Hotel

Location: City Main ; Business District


The streets of City Main are busy, no matter the hour. Situated across from the monumental Beckingridge Tower is Weir Hotel. With their twenty four hour reception they are always happy to accommodate, no matter the hour and no questions asked.

Some rooms within this hotel, built at the turn of the last century, may have been cordoned off as crime scenes but it is a family establishment. Proprietor, Rodney Weir, will be on hand to provide a personal welcome. A mistress to tend to? No trouble. Here’s your room key. What goes on behind those doors is no one’s business but your own.

Immerse yourself in the luxury of a bygone era and live amongst the hustle and bustle of the . Our spacious rooms offer a city views from a location convenient to local amenities. Within walking distance you will find the Chamberlain library, art houses, the Central theatre and the beautiful Timeline shopping district.

If you come to Coldford City, a room at Weir Hotel will be waiting for you.

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Character Profile: Daniel Weir

Age: (At time of Maestro events) 26

Occupation: Photographer


Daniel is son of hotelier Rodney Weir. He is heir to the WEIR HOTEL chain with sights set upon running the City Main Weir after his father retires. Running a hotel in the Shady City isn’t without its challenges. It requires complete discretion, the ability to overlook shady doings and a firm hand when guests get out of control. This lack of moral thinking never really sat well with Daniel and through it he and his father clashed. Rodney had at least hoped the support of KAPPA SO brothers would help Daniel survive in the Shady City but pledging required a spirit that Daniel just didn’t possess. A night at the CHAPTER HOUSE left Daniel in hospital. After this event Daniel swore he no longer wanted anything to do with his name sake hotel or the father who was pushing him to be someone he just wasn’t.

Coldford City’s premier hotel. Shady Suites for Shady people.

Kind spirited, trusting and loving, Daniel sought the quiet life of a photographer instead. When he met a music student, VINCENT BAINES, he finally started to drift into the life he had always wanted. A loving partner, a nice home and a promising career it seemed Daniel had it all. But that danger his father had always tried to prepare him for ran deep under the grounds of Coldford. Even the beautiful suburbs of FILTON was not far enough away to escape it. His partner had issues, his home could not lock out psychopaths and his career would be cut short. If he had listened to his father, taken his place at the Weir and allowed himself to embrace the bad blood that ran through his veins, that same blood that allowed the Weir to survive, things might have been different.

Trusting Daniel was helping Vincent tackle his issues.

Daniel learned the hard way that trust and kindness only get you so far when the policy of your family hotel is that once the reservations are made you pay no mind to what goes on behind the closed doors. His partner, Vincent, didn’t want that life for him either. He knew what good a person Daniel was and he shuddered to think of what the hotel life would do to him but no matter how far you run you can’t escape your true calling. Isn’t that right, Vincent?

When he stepped through the gates of Beckingridge Manor, that’s when it all went wrong.

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Daniel can’t help but notice his partner, Vincent, is acting strangely. The muddy footprints, the unexplained absences. He’s letting his obessions get the better of him again and someone is going to get hurt.

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Vincent Baines has made many mistakes in his life. What happened to Daniel was the biggest. He just can’t help his obsessions hurting the ones he loves.

Do Not Disturb: Weir Hotel

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Located in the heart of City Main, across the street from BECKINGRIDGE TOWER the Weir chain of hotels is the first point of contact for those looking for an escape.

Owned by hotelier Rodney Weir the hotel is a luxury stay on the surface but an old rot runs deep within the building. It makes headlines often with the goings on of its guests but most recently it hit the tabloids because because of an explosion on the fifth floor where a conference was being held in on of the meeting rooms for OWEN INC. 

The hotel has seen many unusual guests over the years but when you check in – as long as the bill is in order – there will be no questions. It isn’t uncommon for guests to check in under an assumed name. Honey moon suites available – no marriage certificate required.

BeFunky-project (1)
Weir Hotel: Shady City Suites

Adult films, unusual delicacies, even special in room entertainment can be made available as part of the unique room service experience. Don’t worry about money exchanging hands. It can all be easily charged to the room. We

So if you want to escape the city check in, insert your key card and prepare for a night you will want to relive over and over again. We even have special rates for return guests. Don’t fancy a city break? You’re welcome to the Verde Beach Weir in LUEN. Headed by brother, Eddy Weir. A bit of a glamour and sophistication to add to your trip.

The Kingsgate Albion football team are sponsored by the Weir Hotel.

No matter which one you choose you can be rest assured the Weir Hotel is the place to be whether you are looking for wild, quiet or a discrete time. It all goes at the Weir because at Coldford’s premier hotel the guest is top priority.

Rodney Weir has dodged a lot of bullets over the years regarding his hotel. He owes thanks to his brothers at KAPPA SO who promise life long protection if you make the pledge. He wanted his son, Daniel, to have that same protection but does the mild mannered photography student have what it takes?


An three part series exclusive to Vivika Widow Online. Take the pledge:

What’s the Rush? Part 1

What’s the Rush? part 2

What’s the Rush? Part 3

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Coming 2020.

Bring me your sick. Bring me your troubled. Bring me those that society can no longer cope with. They will always have a home here at HARBOUR HOUSE.


What’s the Rush? part 2

The rattle of a phone on the bedside table brought BUDDY OWEN‘s headache back with thundering fury.

A bottle of MACK AND SONS lay beside the bed. Buddy reached over and finished the dregs at the bottom. He caught the phone just before it fell to the floor.

“Yeah, what?” he answered.

“Please hold for Mr Owen,” Buddy’s father’s secretary said calmly. Buddy liked her voice. It’s sultry sound made him want to ask what she was wearing. The delicious description would be satisfying. She probably looked like a syphilitic weasel in real life, he wouldn’t know, he had never actually met her. Charles ‘Chick’ Owen, better known as The Captain or Cappy to his friends had a circulation of secretaries he used. He didn’t trust anyone without his family name to be close to his business for too long.

“Yeah, whatever,” Buddy replied as he laid back and rubbed his head with his free hand. The secretary’s voice disappeared. Probably just as well. Buddy didn’t have the energy for a reach beneath the sheets anyway.

“You had better be sitting up and listening to what I have to say to you,” Chick’s harsher voice came through.

Buddy raised an eyebrow. “Good morning, dad. And how are you?” asked the Cappy’s only son.

“Don’t fucking ‘good morning’ me,” Chick spat down the phone. “Do you have any idea what I have been dealing with this morning because of you?”

Buddy wanted to say, ‘same bullshit; different day?’ but thought better of it. “How am I supposed to know? I’m just back from my morning swim,” he lied.

“Weirs,” Chick explained.

Buddy rolled over onto his side and started fumbling along the floor in search of another bottle. “You’re gonna have to be more specific.”

“He had his boy at General this morning. Stitches. He claims he was raped at the CHAPTER HOUSE and Rodney is furious. Now he’s being a pain in the ass.”

Buddy couldn’t hide his frustration. “Why should ah care?”

Chick’s voice went white hot. “Because it is your Chapter House, boy. I gave it to you in good faith. We’re looking to take over more of the Weir chain and if Rodney backs out because of what happened to his faggy son I’m holding you responsible.”

Buddy’s lip curled. “I have better things to think about than some Sissy who can’t handle a bit of heat.”

Chick was unmoved. “I’m warning you, Bud. If I have another morning like the one I’m having I’m shipping you back to your God Damned Mother! Do you hear me?”

“Yessir,” Buddy relented.

“Sort your shit out,” Chick barked before hanging up.

Buddy slid to a seating position at the edge of the bed. His father’s call left him annoyed and now his headache was turning into a migraine.

“Stupid fucking faggot,” he growled. “Couldn’t keep his mouth shut.”

He opened the drawer of the bedside table and retrieved a large clear bag of cocaine and a razor blade. He poured himself a generous helping and used the blade to split the powder into lines. As he leaned over to snort the first up his left nostril he felt a hand draw softly across his bare back.

“Good morning, Buddy,” greeted a soft, feminine voice. “Problems?”

“None ah ya business,” he growled.

The powder was taking effect quickly. It was easing his headache a little and giving him energy. His bed mate drew herself up and closer to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and resting her chin on his shoulder.

“Cut me a line,” she requested. Her frizzy, mousey brown hair tickled his neck.

“I’m not wasting premium gear on a second rate blow job,”

The bed mate pursed her lips. “Fuck you,” she snarled.

Buddy was buzzing now. He felt invincible. “Already did that. That was second rate too,” he gave a hearty laugh.

“You’re a piece of shit,” she snarled at him.

“Get the fuck out, you skanky whore,” he replied.

The girl climbed out of the bed and retrieved her clothes from the floor in a fluster. She snarled at him again.

“Creep,” she said as she departed.

Carly – now he remembered. She was part of the university cheer leading team, or was it gymnastics? Either way she didn’t look half as bad last night when he met her as she did then. Normally he enjoyed having a coke whore to play with but that morning he had bigger fish to fry.

He contemplated one more line but he decided to leave it as his reward for later. He lifted his phone again and dialled the main office of the WEIR HOTEL.

“I need to speak to Mr Weir,” he told the office of the hotel minion that answered.

“May I ask who’s calling?” the overly posh voice caused Buddy’s teeth to grit.

“Bernard Owen. He’s gonna wanna to speak to me.”

“Hold please and I’ll check his availability.”


‘That twisted little shit!’ Rodney growled to himself as he rang off from Buddy.

He had urged his son Daniel to pledge KAPPA SO but he had never expected what happened to him. He was still tired from having to listen to his wife, Wendy, balling all night about how hurt her precious boy was. The stupid woman didn’t realise that coddling the boy too much was the reason he was unable to stand up for himself.

“I am shocked and appalled that such behaviour would happen in my Chapter House,” Buddy had tried at first in a sweetened tone but Rodney was no fool. He too had been Kappa So in his younger days and was locked in business with the Owen family.

When Rodney threatened Buddy with consequences the chapter leader laughed and his sweetened tones soured.

“You listen to me you son ‘a’ bitch,” he said to the hotel owner. “He fucking loved it and I have videos to prove it. We could make your son a star.”

“You wouldn’t dare …” Rodney barked back.

“Try me old man. I got nothin’ on ma schedule and a long day ahead. You keep your mouth shut and we say nothin’ more of it.”

Rodney pulled out his desk drawer and picked one of his cigars. He clenched it between his teeth and bit down hard.

Wendy wanted those responsible for hurting Daniel to be punished but what damage had been done really? He was a little shook up and he needed some stitches but maybe the incident would finally make him see what his father was trying to show him about the world.

He had been at the hospital earlier that morning but Daniel had nothing to say to him. Having to discuss what happened in detail with doctors and nurses had left him shell shocked. Wendy wanted the police involved but most of COLDFORD POLICE DEPARTMENT was on the Owen pay role anyway. Rodney told his wife that he would deal with it.

The Cappy had offered to speak to his son but clearly that had no real affect. Buddy has his own way of doing things, probably learned from the Owen boardroom.

The choice was simple. Keep quiet.

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Daniel should never have gone to the Chapter House. His ordeal is spilling over. The Weir Hotel chain reaches far and wide. Now everyone will know what happened.




The boys of Kappa So have a bone to pick with the Knock Knock Boss Lady in volume 2. In the meantime Volume 1 is free to read on Vivika Widow Online or download for Kindle by clicking HERE.

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What’s the Rush? Part 1

“No dad. I won’t do it,” Daniel Weir groaned.

His father, Rodney, owner of the largest luxury HOTEL CHAIN in the Shady City, removed the cigar that was clenched between his teeth and dropped it into the crystal ash tray that sat on his mahogany desk.

“You will do what I tell you,” Rodney warned. “It’s bad enough you want to waste your life taking pictures like some pansy. If you pledge KAPPA SO at least you will have something to fall back on. I was Kappa So and so was your Grandad.”

“It’s not a waste of time. Photography is art, dad,” insisted Daniel. This only made Rodney more determined.

“That’s always been your problem. You are too fucking artsy.”

There were rumours on the campus of FILTON UNIVERSITY of the brutal pledging rituals of Kappa So. It seemed only extreme dedication could ensure a brother would be protected for life – no matter what.

“You need this Danny Boy,” stated the father. “It’ll make a man out of you.”

Daniel shook his head. “I’ll not do it,” he insisted.

“You will or I won’t waste any more money funding your so-called course.” Rodney’s face had become almost as red as his hair. “Photography,” he scoffed.

Daniel pulled on a black beanie hat, covering his own red hair. He knew it would be useless to argue.

“If it means so much to you then I’ll pledge,” he relented. He wanted nothing more than to be a photographer. He was good at it and with some teaching he could be great. Without the funding he would have to leave the university and leave VINCENT.

He had tried to plead against Kappa So already.

“Have you heard what they do to the pledges?” he had said to both his mother and father.

Rodney had scoffed then too. “Don’t exaggerate, Danny Boy,” he said. “It’s just silly games. If you are so sensitive this world is going to eat you alive. Maybe you should fucking join the girls instead …”

And so it was that Daniel Weir – one of the rightful elite in COLDFORD – opted to pledge. He could still feel Vincent’s gentle good luck kiss on his lips as he stood outside the CHAPTER HOUSE. The large, intimidating building bore down on him like a great monster. The windows like eyes, scanning him for suitability for entry. Loud, thumping music played inside. Screams, cries and laughter from excitable young men were barely audible through it. Empty bottles of beer, used condoms and streamers littered the lawn.

Another nervous pledge stepped beside him. He was a polite youth with neatly combed brown hair and wearing a pin stripe shirt.

“You ready for this?” he asked.

Daniel shook his head. “Not really. My boyfriend thinks I’m mad but my dad insisted.”

The fellow pledge reached his hand out. “Lewis Salinger,” he introduced.

It was a name Daniel recognised. The Salinger family had ran Filton’s premier private school, PETTIWICK, for generations. It was the school Daniel had attended. Only the elite would do for Kappa So.

“Dan,” replied the photography student. “Errr, Daniel Weir.”

Lewis beamed. “Oh the hotel heir?” he reached for the door. “Shall we?”

Daniel took a deep breath.


Being on the inside of the Chapter House didn’t’ seem so bad at first. Everyone was too busy partying, drinking and filling their bodies with drugs to take notice of Daniel so he spent most of the night in the corner chatting to a girl named Alicia from the University. She was interested in photography too and they hit it off right away.

“I’ll have to show you some of my shots,” Daniel offered.

They had a bottle of beer each and appeared to be an oasis of calm amidst the chaos. Daniel even started to consider himself having a good time. That was until ten pm and Chapter Leader, BUDDY OWEN, turned up. He came charging through like a great bull, tackling one of the brothers roughly onto a beer stained sofa. He brushed back his blonde hair and tightened his broad shoulders that carried an athletic frame. The Kappa So members cheered at the sight of their man in charge.

Buddy had the strong chin that was prominent in the Owen family. The Owen’s founded Kappa So generations before. They brought it to COLDFORD from the Great States so there was always one of them in authority. Rumour told that Buddy was the worst.

“So who’s my new bitches!?” he cried over the crowd. The party quietened to listen to the wisdom of their ruler. Buddy’s eyes were wide with the effects of the powder he had only recently snorted. Current brothers pointed out Daniel, Lewis and a few others. “Stop looking at me like I’ve got tits. Front and centre bitches.”

Lewis and the others obeyed. Daniel’s heart was skipping beats as he followed. Lewis had been consuming as much alcohol as he could from the moment he arrived so he was a little unsteady on his feet.

Buddy observed them like he was a Sergeant Major. “Never before have I seen such a pathetic bunch of pussies. So you want to pledge Kappa So?”

“Yes, sir,” agreed Lewis and the others with some enthusiasm.

Having remained silent Buddy circled his attention on Daniel. “You look like a faggot,” he said.

Daniel raised his eyebrows. “Excuse me?”

Buddy erupted into peals of laughter. He gave a bad imitation. “Excuse me?” He turned to his brothers. “Listen to this one.” The brothers laughed and cheered. “Listen up ginger pubes, you tell me if you are a queer or not.”

Daniel wished he had never came. When he hesitated Lewis spoke for him.

“He is,” he confirmed. “He has a boyfriend and everything.”

Buddy’s nose wrinkled. “That’s fucking gross.”

The other boys laughed, encouraging their leader. From the corner of his eye Daniel could see Alicia being led upstairs by one of the brothers.

“We don’t like faggots in Kappa So,” Buddy stated. “Is that what you are?”

Daniel considered his options. He considered lying to the Kappa So leader but to what end? To be accepted by a group that would otherwise outwardly reject him because of who he was? The thought of denying Vincent was the deciding factor.

“I’m gay if that’s what you mean,” he said. He could feel his body start to tremble.

Buddy swayed a little with the effects of the powder. His grin stretched.

“There’s only one use for fags in Kappa So and that’s when all the pussies in the place have been pounded and the boys are still aching for a hole.” The brothers cheered. Relishing their adoration Buddy continued. “If you pledge your ass belongs to us. Are you a giver or a taker?” The brothers responded with more cheers and laughter. “What do you say boys? Will we keep this one for those nights when you just need a hole and any hole will do?”

Some were sneering at Daniel now. Lewis laughed though. Buddy circled on him like a vulture on a carcass.

“This one is pissing me off,” he said. He reached his hand out and without saying anything one of the bothers handed him an empty beer bottle. Buddy smashed the bottle over Lewis’ head. The private school heir fell to the floor crying out in pain. Blood poured from the wound the glass shards had torn in his freckled forehead.

“This little bitch can’t handle her beer!” Buddy cried. He kicked him over. Lewis was still clutching his head. Buddy called to one of the brothers sat on the tatty sofa with his arm around a girl who’s vest top had been pulled so low her lacy, purple bra was showing. She was high on something, Daniel deduced. Her eyes were rolling and her head kept slumping.

“You’re a doctor, ain’t ya?” Buddy challenged the brother. “Stitch him up.”

Like Buddy, the student doctor was ploughed with powder but with the help of some of the others they managed to pull Lewis towards the kitchens.

“I’m not staying,” Daniel stupidly announced. He turned to make his way to the door but Buddy called after him.

“Not so fast, sissy boy,” he said.

Daniel was pulled back by a firm grip on the collar of the emerald shirt he wore and the waist band of his trousers.


It was around midnight when the buzzer of Daniel’s student apartment sounded. Vincent had been reading a thriller novel whilst he waited. As the noise of Daniel’s return filtered through the words the sluggishness he had been feeling fell away.

‘He said he was only staying until ten,’ he thought to himself. ‘He must have had a better time with his new brothers than he expected.’

The buzzer rang again impatiently. Daniel should have let himself in. Vincent dropped the book on the night stand and followed the noise to the main entrance. When he opened the heavy security door Daniel fell into his arms. He had come home without his jacket and the seat of his jeans were soaked through with blood.

“They’re fucking animals!” Daniel cried. The curse word so unlike him.

His arm trembled with weakness as Vincent wrapped it around his neck to help him upstairs. When they got to Daniel’s apartment he stumbled towards the bed. He winced in pain as he sat down. Stepping into the light Vincent could see his face was bruised a little but the pain was obviously more concentrated on his body. Daniel started to pull off his shirt, ripping it instead of handling the buttons. It was too painful so Vincent helped him. He gasped when he saw his torso. It was beaten badly, probably a few broken ribs too. The words KAPPA SO 4 LIFE had been written across his chest in permanent marker.

“Lie back,” Vincent instructed. “I’m going to clean you up.”

He gently pushed Daniel back but he cried out in pain. His full lips tightened. He refused to sob but a tear was forming in his eyes.

“You need to go to the police,” Vincent said, conscious of the blood staining the clean grey sheets on the bed. “You need to go to a hospital.”

“No,” Daniel insisted quite stubbornly. He gripped Vincent’s arm and tried to pull himself back onto his feet. “I just need to shower. I just need to wash them off of me.”

“Make sure you finish,” Buddy had instructed the pledges.

There had been ten of them. They were tentative at first but as the highs kicked in and the crowd mentality took over it became worse. Daniel tried to escape. That was when they used the shards of from the broken bottle.

We did warn you the pledging for Kappa So was brutal. The story is not over yet.

What’s the Rush? Part 1

What’s the Rush? part 2

What’s the Rush? Part 3

Daniel should never have gone to the Chapter House. His ordeal is spilling over. The Weir Hotel chain reaches far and wide. Now everyone will know what happened.




The boys of Kappa So have a bone to pick with the Knock Knock Boss Lady in volume 2. In the meantime Volume 1 is free to read on Vivika Widow Online or download for Kindle by clicking HERE.

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