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Kingsgate Albion: The Best and Brightest

Stadium: Henning Park

Sponsors: WEIR HOTEL

In the upper east of the city lies the small suburb of Kingsgate. It is one of the oldest parts of Greater Coldford, built centuries before as a main route to the north from the CHAMBERLAIN DOCKS. It is home to Kingsgate University which boasts one of the best performing law schools in the known area. It is where JUDGE DOYLE learned her trade.


As a football team, Kingsgate are mid table performers. When they are underperforming they suffer bad but when they excel they can be unstoppable. They are unique in that their players are all students of the University’s sports management program. The players are contracted to Kingsgate to complete their training before heading off to pastures new. As one of two university towns in the city, Kingsgate are expected to provide the best and brightest new talent. Their great rivals, FILTON, will always be chomping at their heels.

Our most notable supporter of Kingsgate is music tutor, VINCENT. He was born and raised in the beautiful old town. Despite being on tour with his parents and their orchestra a lot as a child, Kingsgate was always home. Like most of the Kingsgate supporters he doesn’t seem much of a football fan on the surface but victory and sportsmanship is important to them. Despite being called to rival, Filton University, because of their superior music program, Vincent is loyal to his home town.


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Vincent may seem like a charming man. However, most people can’t help but notice something a little odd about him. His wealthy new pupil will ignite his obsessions once again.

Coming 2020.

The son of a great composer. A concert pianist by age 12. By all accounts he was a truly remarkable man. So where did it all go wrong? Welcome Resident 1105 to Harbour House.

Character Profile: Ernest Beckingridge

Character Profile: Ernest Beckingridge

Age: 51

Occupation: CEO Beckingridge Financial Firm


Ernest is at the helm of one of the biggest financial investment firms in the Shady City, he hails from the richest family in the area and he would give anything to be able to give it all up.

The main entrance to Beckingridge Tower. Statue of founder Jeffrey Beckingridge AKA Gramps.

He is a mild mannered man who as a boy didn’t see himself imprisoned in a suit and shackled to the penthouse office of BECK TOWER. He wanted a different life. He wanted to be an entertainer but with there being only him and his sister, Elizabeth, it was up to him to take over the family empire whilst Elizabeth became a novelist.

Elizabeth Beckingridge aka thriller novelist Liz Beck

Ernest later met and married Alice. She was seen as a dragon of a woman by most but the docile CEO needed her bite by his side. Together they had two children – Catherine and George. However, there was another addition to the family that the high ceilinged halls of Beckingridge Manor managed to conceal. They do say that behind MANSION WALLS are where the true skeletons lie, not in the closets.

Beckingridge Manor: home to the Beckingridge family for generations.

Ernest has not had an easy time and despite being placid in nature his family name and his money has managed to help him weather some terrible storms. From the accusations of child murder against Alice, the embezzlement of company funds, the school shooting Catherine was involved in and the kidnapping of his son by music tutor VINCENT BAINES.

George learns piano from music tutor, Vincent Baines.


Now Ernest is brought to the forefront again when he receives a phone call late at night to inform him that benefactors of a charity ball being held at BECK TOWER have been leaping from the roof inexplicably. Could this be the final blow that finally topples one of Coldford’s largest empires?

Ernest Beckingridge describes a phone call in the middle of the night that alerted him to the Free Fall Massacre.

If you want to take a peek inside Beckingridge Manor check Vivika Widow’s best selling thriller MAESTRO. Click HERE to read the full story.

If you follow the money trail you may find it leads you to the Knock Knock club. Ernest and the Beckingridge family will be having an impact in the hit graphic novel series.

Complete season 1 of the Knock Knock graphic novel series is free to read HERE.

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Coming 2020.

Bring me your sick. Bring me your troubled. Bring me those that society can no longer cope with. They will always have a home here at HARBOUR HOUSE.

The Right to Remain Silent: Coldford Police Department

In the Shady City it takes a brave cop to walk the streets. Shady City’s finest are as touch as the streets they protect. There are many confessions made within the walls of Coldford Police Department (CPD).

Sam is under interrogation by Shady City’s finest.

Such confessions include the kidnapping of a young girl named Marjorie (MAESTRO) or the murder of half the Filton University anatomy class (CONFESSIONS).

The brave men and women of CPD are always torn between what’s right and what needs to be done. Things can get sticky as the lines of morality are blurred.

When a reporter comes to them with one of the most incredible story they have ever heard it seems like it’s time to take the streets on force. The city is descending into chaos and it needs all the brave wearers of blue it can find. If those in uniform are willing to bend rules a little to get the job done, all the better.

Detective Hickes on the case.

They call her The Baroness and her activist spirit is legendary. To some she is the lovable KNOCK KNOCK show girl. To the LAWMAKERS she is the next target and rehab will not excuse her.

Coming May 02: Welcome Tawny McInney to Harbour House.

Resident 0109: Tawny McInney. TRAUMA.

Complete season 1 of the Knock Knock graphic novel series is free to read HERE.

Or click HERE to download for Kindle.


Character Profile: Glenn

Features in: Muse , Harbour House

Age: 47

Occupation: Harvester Farm Hand

Glenn was a hard working man. No one could accuse him of being lazy. Providing for his family is of prime importance. His daughter, Susie, is all that matters but he also takes his comittments seriously and he committed himself to the Harvester farm back when Jacob Harvester was in control. He has worked the farm ever since he was a young man and has seen the old Harvester’s only child, Julia, grow up like an uncle. He saw the farm blossom. He watched it fail.

The Harvester farm became a brand under Dr Winslow.


The old Harvester became sick and it fell to Julia to decide its future. Glenn – like the rest of the farm hands – was always treated like family but decisions on the Harvester legacy was out of his depth.

Julia Harvester saw the farm hands as family.


Still, as difficult as things became an overbearing investor changed the world around them. Glenn remained strong in his commitment. As long as Susie had everything she needed it didn’t matter what he had to do. Even when the investor began to push them towards new jobs, well out-with their duties, Glenn carried on. It wasn’t glamorous. It wasn’t easy. It probably wasn’t legal but pride and family were at stake.

Glenn is a hardworking man. Providing for his family is of prime importance.

Somewhere in the city resides a down on his luck artist whose path collides with Glenn’s as his search for inspiration brings him to the farm. As he sets his sights on Julia Harvester as his new MUSE it could be time for upheaval once again.

Glenn is helpless in the take over of the farm.



Harvester Farm is a vast land. When an artist runs out of places to run from a childhood trauma it will be his next stop. The full story is available to read HERE

Coming 2020.

Bring me your sick. Bring me your troubled. Bring me those that society can no longer cope with. They will always have a home here at HARBOUR HOUSE.

Finest Cut: The Harvesters



If the finest meat and dairy in the Shady City is what you are after then look no further than the Harvester logo. Family run for generations the Harvester Farm has blossomed into a large franchise thanks to Dr G Winslow. Dr Winslow is a highly respected member of Coldford society and thanks to his efforts you can enjoy a harvester burger at one of many convenient locations around the city.

Chief clinician and CEO Dr G Winslow.

But as grand as they have become the family feel is still at the heart of the Harvester brand and none feel more like family than the dutiful farm hands, led by Glenn.



502: Slaughter Time

But with all things in the Shady City the Harvesters have their part to play in brewing tensions. Growing such a brand requires money and someone has to pick up the bill somewhere. The Harvesters are branching out to new pursuits.

The Harvesters Team: Curtis, Julia and Glenn. Three happy Harbour House helpers.

There will always be a true Harvester at the Harvester Farm and since the old Harvester is Ill that duty falls to his only daughter Julia. Julia finds herself under the gaze of a struggling artist. She can inspire him to greatness and in him she can find the opportunity her family legacy needs to break free from the tyranny that holds them.

“Enjoy this?

The Harvesters have to supply the meat and the Shady City is hungry. Check out these other thrillers currently available:

No Toys In The Attic

She smelled the air. It all felt so brand new to her. It was almost like she hadn’t sampled the scent of the city before.

“You have a whole new life ahead of you peaches,” said Dennis.

He always called her peaches. He said it was because it was how her hair smelled. Dennis was the only person that had ever been nice to her. Even her parents disliked her. Her dad called her a retard. Her mother could barely look at her when her sister was so much smarter, so much more beautiful. Dennis had rescued her. He had climbed the tower of HARBOUR HOUSE and carried her away. The doctors had told her she was sick. She didn’t feel sick. They called it intellectual disability but when the doctors backs were turned the nurses called her an idiot or a simpleton. All she knew was that she didn’t think about things the way people seemed to want her to and it made them mad. She was seventeen years old but she remained locked in her childish imagination. Her parents didn’t love her but she still loved them and her pretty sister. They didn’t want want her in the home so when the doctor called and told them she had conduct disorder they locked her away in the hospital and didn’t want to see her any more.

Dennis came to see her though. He came to see her all the time and he smiled for her and he was so handsome. He held her and comforted her and she never wanted to leave him. One day he came to her and told her he had rescued her from the nasty hospital and was taking her home.

CHLOE knew she was lucky. She was the luckiest girl alive.


Dennis took her to a place called the KNOCK KNOCK CLUB. He told her she would have to earn her keep and she was okay with that. He had rescued her so she didn’t want to upset him.

The first few nights at the club were quiet. A woman who worked behind the bar befriended her. She was kind to Chloe and as Chloe stood with an empty tray in her hand the bar maid told her that if she needed any help to come find her. One of the members of the band that played at the club smiled at her. He shook her hand and introduced himself. He was a black man with a wide smile and he made her smile too. Dennis had instructed her to tell all of them she was twenty.

At the end of the night the club began to clear. It was late. It was a lot later than she would normally have been awake. At the hospital they always told her she had be in her bed and asleep by ten o’clock. At the Knock, Knock club she had no bedtime.

After the club cleared Dennis came to her.

“How was the first night?” he asked.

Chloe hid her tired eyes behind an excited smile. “It was fun,” she said. “I liked it.”

Dennis wrapped his arm around her. She felt so safe by his side.

“Glad to hear it,” he said. “I have something more for you.”

Chloe was tired but she didn’t want to make Dennis sad so she feigned enthusiasm.

“What is it?”

Dennis tightened his grip. Now they were walking up the stairs to the upper floors of the club. He was leading her to the room she could have. It didn’t smell as clean as the hospital but she would love it all the same.

“I have new friends for you who want to visit your room,” he said. “They want to give you special cuddles.”

Chloe was confused. She had heard of special cuddles before but she always thought those were between a mother and a father.

“Do I have to?” she asked.

Dennis stopped. At first his expression was blank but then his teeth were bared and his eyes brightened. He rested a hand under her chin and petted his lip.

“You don’t want to be selfish do you? You want more friends like me don’t you?”

Chloe lowered her gaze. He didn’t like the way he was looking at her. She didn’t want him to be angry with her.

“I guess,” she said.

“I can tell them all that you don’t want to be friends with them and want special cuddles,” he said but his voice sounded upset.

“No please!” she grabbed his arm. “I can be friends with them too.”

Dennis smiled. He was happy again. He ran his finger gently down her cheek. Her heart beat a little faster.

“As long as I am always your best friend.”

Chloe agreed. She agreed to have lots of new friends but Dennis would always remain her best.

That night the first of the new friends visited her room. They were mostly men much older than her. She let them undress her and gave them the special cuddles whichever way they asked her to. At first she didn’t mind. Sometimes she even enjoyed it. As time went on it became more frequent. It even became painful. She didn’t like the new friends any more and she certainly didn’t like them leering at her naked, helpless body.

One came to her room. He wasn’t kind to her. He barely spoke to her. She let him into her room and immediately he pulled off his shirt revealing an obese, middle aged body. He pushed her onto the bed with such force she cried out. Her head hit the wooden bed frame and she began to sob.

“Leave me, leave me, leave me!” she repeated over and over again but the man took no notice. He was not a new friend.

“Shut up!” he spat on her. “I’ve paid good money so you will do what you’re fucking told!” he screamed at her.

She was frightened. She tried to climb out from underneath him but she couldn’t get away. He held her hands above her head. He kissed her but all she could do was continue to cry. She called for Dennis but he didn’t come to rescue her this time. She couldn’t wriggle away so she had to just let him have what he wanted.

“You need to get a hold of your girls,” complained the client to Dennis as he handed over a thick pile of bank notes. “That one gave me some trouble.”

“I’ll have a talk with her.”

“I’ll be back,” he warned. “Get it together or I will letknow what you are doing behind her  back.” He growled. “You remember what happened to Rex. They are still looking for it …”

Dennis shook his arm playfully. “Come on,” he said. “We’re all friends here. I’ll have a talk to her. She’s just a little overworked.”

Dennis found Chloe in her bed. She was clutching white sheets to her. The area over her lap was blood stained. Dennis sat on the bed beside her.


“What’s wrong?” he asked her. Chloe fell onto his shoulder sobbing. “I thought you liked giving special cuddles.”

She didn’t want to upset him. He was the knight that had come to rescue her like in the story books. He had taken her away from that horrible hospital and loved her when her own parents didn’t.

“I do like special cuddles,” she said. Her teary eyes were still wide and unfocused. “I love them and I will give more if you want me to.”

Dennis patted her back.

“Good girl.”


The Knock, Knock series is free to read here at Vivika Widow Online or click HERE to download for kindle.

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Vivika Widow speaks to Amy Irons (STV)

Author of MAESTRO, RED SNOW and the CONFLICT graphic novel series discusses her vision for the Ragdolls UK Foundation for girls with Turner’s Syndrome with STV News.

For more information on the Ragdolls UK foundation and their work with children with genetic disorders visit www.ragdollscharity.com 

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