My Big Adventure

When you reach a certain age it’s likely you will sit back, reflect on your journey so far and ask yourself, what the Hell was I thinking?

I ask myself this quite a lot. It’s not necessarily because I’m getting to ‘that age’ (whatever that means). It’s because it’s natural for us all to reflect. We’re sentimental creatures at heart. One might argue that those who say ‘live for the moment’ are doing so because they have reflected on the past and decided life’s too short.

Recent reflections got me thinking about how much of an adventure life truly is. For some of us it is a fun adventure full of colourful characters. For others it is a dark journey fraught with danger. Whichever your adventure is you should be proud of it. Here you are at this point of it and as the main character you are still standing.

I would say my adventure has been a mixture of both really. Even when those days became truly dark and it looked like the adventure would be over there was always that path to take that would lead on to the next chapter.

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