Big House On Campus: Kappa So Chapter House



If you go down to the campus today you’re sure of a big surprise. If you go down to the campus today you won’t believe your eyes. The house you see draped in the black and orange colours of KAPPA SO leaks so many rumours and we can confirm most of them are true. Under the leadership now of BERNARD ‘BUDDY’ OWEN the fraternity was originally founded by the pioneering Owen’s of old. They are a brotherhood of elite young men with too much money, power and too little responsibility.

Located a short distance from the main Filton Campus and the house of the Kappa Si sorority the brothers have easy access to the loose women looking for cocaine, so much so the coke whores are quite a feature in the Chapter House.

Kappa So!!!! Cooper, Buddy and Chad may seem like overgrown man children but they can and will cause a lot of damage in the city.

The Chapter House is home to ridiculous antics (Croco missile?) but it is also a place of immeasurable cruelty. Drugs and horrific sexual assaults are all in weekends work for the brothers. Sex, scandal and high society are what the Chapter House have become known for.

The Chapter House also holds an item of great financial and sentimental importance, the telescope commissioned by the original Owen founder for the purposes of his legendary expedition. Brothers from all over the world pay homage to it when they visit Coldford. Entrusted with this precious, two centuries old, family heirloom Buddy and his brothers know the Hell there would be to pay should anything happen to it.

Cooper can always be rest assured Buddy Owen is about to do something ridiculous.

So be warned. Unless you are looking to pledge and you have absolutely no moral compass it is best to just stay away from that big house on campus because when you are on the inside you will be swept up in so much madness you will forget what is right and what is wrong.

Kappa So are coming at you bitches and you betta’ be ready.

05.02 is slaughter time for the animals on Harvester Farm but it is also the release of these animals.

Coming 05.02.2020.

When the noise at the Knock Knock club starts to interfere with business at Owen Inc. Buddy and his Bros find themselves with a party to crash.

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