The Best Bite: Bobby’s Lunch Box

Location: Bobby’s Lunch Box

Features in: KNOCK KNOCK

An afternoon hub for reporters in the Shady City. It’s were journalists for the large publications such as the COLDFORD DAILY and the Coldford Express come for their coffee, lunch and more often than not interviews with potential informants.

It is a well known den for reporters and it’s busy City Main location is perfect for being so bustling it allows interviews and information to be shared without attracting much attention. Sitting behind the COLDFORD CITY stadium, when the football crowds start to pour through it makes an even better place to go on the record.

Bobby himself is a close friend of our reporter, SAM. He has watched on from Sam’s first days at the Daily to his current expose on the KNOCK KNOCK CLUB. He is very familiar with other reporters like MADELINE too having saw them really bite for that all important story.

Grab a booth at Bobby’s Lunchbox and take a bite into a juicy story.

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