I am The Boss

Don’t make me say it twice.  

It is The Boss’s rules and She does not play nice.  

When you make Her react, She’s going to have your testicles in a vice.  

I can see them now trying to run away like poisoned mice.  

Force Her to react and She’ll take it all away.  

You won’t see the light of another day.  

Him! And him! Yes, and him too. 

Hang him. Cut him. Drown that one in wine.  

Sitting that one on Buzzkill will do just fine. 

Him! And him! Yes, that one as well. He’s the worst one I’ve met.  

All those terrible things he did, did he think we’d forget?  

Gut him. Cook him. Throw that one to the frost.  

Just take that one’s head because he knows he’s lost.   

It’s no surprise you’re condemned. I did try to warn you.  

That one’s going straight to the depths. Look what you’ve made me do. 

That one! And that one! I want that one too.  

That skinny one cowering in the corner? I suppose he’ll have to do.  

Bring me his head and his liver for a stew.  

I want them in pieces. This is no dream. 

I want to them to suffer. I want them to scream.  

Him! And Him. That one looks at a loss.  

You will all be reminded I AM THE BOSS! 

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