Abandoned Places

Into the world of imagination you delve. 
The glow of the computer screen drawing you nearer, 
Picking out the words letter by letter, 
Each click released into the air like a virus.  
At the entrance to imagination lies a warning etched in stone.  
Do not venture too far or you may not return. 
The world looks different watching from within the mind.  
All the same sights but with a hazy yellow glow. 
The streets you walked once familiar, now strange.  
The same objects you spied many times before, now odd.  
Those faces you have known, every wrinkle, every scar.  
Now their eyes glare with suspicion.  
Take a chance, walk those silent alleys once more. 
Your imagination will never fully clear.  
Fill the empty windows with images of your own.  
Let the birds sing with a song of your own composition. 
Fill the lonely streets with whatever you please. 
The laughter of children or the cries of pain perhaps? 
There are no rules in the land of imagination, 
No morals to govern the comings and goings. 
Be free to express your deepest desires.  
Don’t be shy to shed a tear.  
Grit your teeth, relieve your frustration.  
For when the computer screen blinks into darkness, the streets are abandoned once more. 

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