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Time to Relax

When the time hits 5:02

You know what to do.

It’s harvesting time and you know what that means.

Juicy burgers, fresh milk and cheese.

The Harvesters Team: Curtis, Julia and Glenn. Three happy Harbour House helpers.

I’ll have a second helping, yes, thank you, please.

From Harbour House to the hard working farm.

Family, friendly produce. No cause for alarm.

winslow 2-1
The eminent Dr Winslow and Harvester farm hand Glenn.

You’ll see the Harvesters vans all around the Shady City.

Bringing new residents ready for the doctor’s pity.

Chief clinician of Harbour House and Harvesters CEO Dr G Winslow.

When the doctor bought over the Harvester Farm brand he was delighted at how well it could work along side his Harbour House project.

Coming 2020


Julia Harvester is a nice girl. She is kind, sweet and used to being posed in all the best positions. She is the perfect artist’s muse. Click HERE to read the full story.