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Now In Sport: Issue 1


It was all eyes on the prize in the weekend’s fixture between Coldford City and Coldford Athletic who clashed at City Stadium. With only a point between the sides and a place on the top up for grabs it was an excitement filled ninety minutes. The first half culminated in a goal from Athletic striker Sammy Connelly giving City Main side a lot to think about at half time.  

A season unbeaten. City dominate the league.

The words from the manager had an effect because the second half City squad attacked with hunger. A goal from City midfielder Louis Fang brought them equal.  

The final score of 1 – 1 was a fine sum up the day with both teams running at equal pace. Sharing the points still leave City lagging behind in the league but it’s a tight margin that can easily be filled with one off day from The Shanties side. 


Cardyne was buzzing this weekend as the first leg of the Shady City races got underway. Excited fans flooded in from Luen to see the famed Cooper Mad Dog fleet take to the tracks. Mad Dog Emerald took home the top prize on the street circuits. Whilst his pack mate, Sunny, sped home with the top spot on the Coldridge track and the Gigantidome circuit. It was a fine day of display for Cooper Cars leaving the other fleets with much work to do to catch up to the quality.  

Boxing/ MMA  

With Punchline Penn on a hiatus from the boxing ring, the city has turned to the MMA Octagon where new emerging talent is having an opportunity display their skills. Making quite an impression lately is Lloyd Walden of the Walden wine family. Walden’s undisciplined approach to the sport has served him well so far. When famed fighters Graham Grossen and Tommy Kolt came up against him they found him unpredictable.  

With Grossen suffering a defeat at last night’s Shady City Championship it leaves Lloyd Walden going from strength to strength. All eyes on this impulsive sport as it rapidly grows in popularity in the city.  

Your round of sport in Coldford is brought to you by Lee Wilson of the Coldford Express.  

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In the Eye of the Storm

The Shady City can be a great place for those wanting to make a name for themselves. But if you do want to cause a stir you best be ready for who’s watching.

In a city filled to the brim with corruption those in power will stop at nothing to make sure things run their way.

The law is the law and it stops for no man, not even moral reporters who just want to get to the heart of the truth. That truth Is damn ugly Sam, just to you know.

He went knocking on the doors of the KNOCK KNOCK club in search of answers to the whereabouts of the missing mayor. That was one Hell of a can of worms. It’s not often reporters get on the inside.

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