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And now a word from our sponsors …

It’s ON THE MERCH here coming at you from Vivika Widow Online.

We are so pleased to present you our Vivika Widow products!

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We haven’t even told you the best part. Proceeds from the sale of every one of these mugs will go to RAGDOLLS UK to help in their mission to support women and girls with Turner’s Syndrome. 💚

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RAGDOLLS UK is at the heart of everything I do and I couldn’t be prouder and more grateful to the team at On The Merch for their support. Together we will help Turner’s Syndrome girls achieve their full potential.

Throw Back Thursday – Uddingston Music Fest


Back in February 2015 Vivika was invited to open the annual Uddingston Music Festival with some readings at the Uddingston Library.

A great day was had with recitals of the favourite, ‘Princess and the Beetle’ and ‘The Knight and his Horse’ both from the Myths and Tales series.

It was all capped off with a reading of the opening to Rogue Battalion which went down very very well.

Vivika stated that, “It was an absolute delight to attend, and an honour to be asked to attend.”

Check out Uddingston Music Festival which runs in the area each year with lots of fun for all ages.