Step Right Up: Stoker Circus

“You’re going to have the best day.
We’re going to take all your troubles away.
We’re going to laugh and sing.
You’ll smile at everything because Stoker Circus is on its way.”

Based in the rural region of the city Stoker Circus originated in the country of Levinkrantz. The have existed for centuries and their grand striped Big Top now resides in Allford (also known as Alford).

It is truly a spetacle to be seen with top acts including the trapeezy easys, strong man Otto and a freak show not to be missed! A day at Stoker Circus is fun for all the family and you can even try your luck at the carnival games.

It’s all fun and games until you realise you are missing some valuables. The Stoker family are also thieving scoundrels. What may or may not have escaped notice is when the Stoker tents are pitched there tends to be a spat of home invasion robberies in the area. Have you had a lizard woman crawl in your window? Has a freakish little man named Freddy knocked on your door telling you your cat has been run over?

Despite it’s terrible reputation and the lack of morality among its perofrmers, Stoker Circus does have it’s qualities too. One of its most famous performers, the legendary escape artist Adrien Stoker, was considered a war hero. He was a theiving scoundrel too but he did put his skills to good use and saved hundreds of lives during the Levinkrantz blitz.

So step right up for a show you won’t forget.

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