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What inspires me?

We all take inspiration from different things. Sometimes it can be grand visions like the wonders of the world or the imaginings of what lies at the far reaches of our galaxy. Sometimes it can be the simpler things such as how a message from someone close to you made you smile.

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What bothers me …

I’m sure there are lots of things we could each pick out that we consider to be bothersome. Some days you’ll feel like nothing will be able to shake you and on others you will find everything to be an irritant.

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My Big Adventure

When you reach a certain age it’s likely you will sit back, reflect on your journey so far and ask yourself, what the Hell was I thinking? ​

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The Internet Reacts

‘The internet reacts’ is a phrase that gets used a lot these days. Normally it’s in reference to some non story about a psuedo celeb. Am I the only one who finds this ridiculous?

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“As a writer you live and die by your work. I know that sounds dramatic but what’s life without a little drama?”

Vivika Widow

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