“Behind mansion walls are where the true skeletons lie.”

Police tape still lay in the bushes from the days Beckingridge Manor was closed as a crime scene. It was the first thing music tutor Vincent noticed upon arrival.

Little George Beckingridge has become too much for his family to handle. Perhaps music lessons from the talented Mr Baines will give him something more positive to focus on.

Assigned as tutor to George Beckingridge, Vincent arrives at the manor.

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“I’ll warn you Mr Baines, you have your work cut out for you. Our George has been an absolute nightmare lately.”

Before he became the Maestro, VINCENT BAINES was a struggling student. A series of haunting photographs inside an old violin case showed his instinct was right. His friend was in a lot of trouble.

“Ever since he was a small boy Vincent longed for somewhere he could lock his problems away. Now he could thanks to that house in the middle of nowhere that even the police had no interest in.”

Checking out Teacher

The parents are excited to learn a new music teacher will be joining the faculty. They can’t help but feel there is something a little off about him though…

A Cry for Help

“He’s just spoiled,” she said. This was different though. Her nephew George was something different.

1105: Interview with Vincent Baines

I am now speaking to a well presented gentleman. He is groomed, well dressed and watching me keenly. However, he struggles with serious personality issues and his residence at Harbour House came at a huge cost.

“Bring me your sick. Bring me your troubled. Bring me those that society can no longer cope with. They will always have a home here at Harbour House. Even disgraced music teachers.”

Those little mind worms can wriggle deep.
But you have an public persona that you need to keep.
They wriggle, the squirm and they embed
You can’t get those thoughts out of your head.
There’s one place obsession can meet its cure
In Harbour House, that I can assure.

#amreading a #thriller by @VivikaWidow

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