Harbour House

Bring me your sick. Bring me your troubled. Bring me those that society can no longer cope with. They will always have a home here at Harbour House.

Meet the Residents: 

Resident 1310: DAVID FINN

David was a junkie. His artistic talent is strong. But his addiction to needles always steered him wrong. 

Resident 1310: David Finn. ADDICTION

Resident 1105: VINCENT BAINES.

Vincent was a teacher and his crimes were many. A creep and a scoundrel with obsessions aplenty. 

Resident 1105: Vincent Baines. OBSESSION.

Resident 0109: TAWNY MCINNEY.

Tawny was a bubbly club owner who saw such trauma, her mind decided to take a little wander. 

Resident 0109: Tawny McInney. TRAUMA.

Meet the Staff



Dr Winslow overlooked his beloved facility ran. Like his other pursuits, Harvester Farm for example, things had to run a very particular way.  

Chief clinician and CEO Dr G Winslow.

The Porters:

The Harvesters Team: Curtis, Julia and Glenn. Three happy Harbour House helpers.

Time is ticking by for the residents of Harbour House. A unique rehab facility with standards, laws and regulations all of its own. 

Extract from Harbour House

The three took seat at their usual table by the fireplace. Winslow watched them from the door way. Like a fine, oiled machine his beloved facility ran.

Sound Mind.

The mind is an amazing thing, a truly wondrous discovery.

But its fibres are thin. They can break and need recovery.

Hi, my name is Cecil.

Hi, my name is Cecil and I’ll be your best friend. No matter what you do to me I’m yours to the end.

We Are Kappa So!

You better believe we are and we’re coming for you, bitches. We have no one to keep us in check so things are going to get wild.

0109: Interview with tawny mcinney

A woman, middle aged, frizzy haired and full figured is brought before me. She is smiling despite her surroundings. She has an unlit cigarette in her hand. She knows she’s not allowed to smoke in the office but she clutches it for comfort. Behind that smile is perhaps a little nervousness.

1105: Interview with Vincent Baines

I am now speaking to a well presented gentleman. He is groomed, well dressed and watching me keenly. However, he struggles with serious personality issues and his residence at Harbour House came at a huge cost.

1310: Interview with David Finn

A scruffy young man is sat before me. His hair is bleached, his body thin and a little malnourished. He’s been through a lot it seems but brought to Harbour House to combat a drug addiction he’s on the list of those we aim to make better.

As long as it takes

You see, it wouldn’t do good for the residents of Harbour House to look at what went beyond the safe little world that had been created for them.

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