The Good Gang

There is some good in the Shady City. There is the Good Gang. Their badges shine a light where it is needed most.

Named after the hero cop Detective Hickes, the Hickes agency help those who cannot help themselves.

Join the agents in the Great States in search of three wayward Kappa So bros before they cause too much damage.

Good Gang: Great States PART 1

Three frat bros on the run. The Good Gang are tasked with hunting them down. When they run into international trouble the mission becomes all the more important.

Good Gang: Great States PART 2

Join the Good Gang as they continue on their mission to bring 3 out of control frat boys home. As the adventure intensifies so does the danger they face.

From the ashes of corruption and murder climbs a group still willing to do the right thing. Born of Detective Hickes, they are the Good Gang.

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