The Boss

Gather round ladies and gentlemen, for a tale of four desperate men on society’s ultimate time out.

Coldford Correctional better known as The Boss houses the worst of the worst in the Shady City.

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Now In Servitude: The Boss

Coldford Correctional, better known as The Boss for the way it looms over the northern town of Bournton, plays home to some of the Shady City’s most dangerous characters.

Death Stare

They called it his death stare. His eyes would become completely absent of any emotion. The inmates knew there was no room for messing with the warden.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

Some lives are lived to excess. Some lives are lived well. Some lives are zapped righty out of the good for nothing so and so.

In Servitude:

Inmate 2011: Jake Fullerton

Charged with aggravated assault jake has two years to serve (at least) so he had best knuckle under and keep that temper in check if he ever wants to leave again.

Inmate 0902: Lucca Markov

They call him ‘Lucky Lucca’ and he’s been in all the big magazines. When his sweet existence started to fall apart suddenly things didn’t seem so pretty. Now he’s Inmate 0902 of Coldford Correctional.

Inmate 1708: Matthew Lane

Quiet, polite and agreeable, Matty never poses any trouble for the guards of Coldford Correctional. He is always where he needs to be and when. Not that he has much choice in that matter. He is a nice guy. Murder of his wife aside of course.

Inmate 1204: Wayne Grundy

They call him the Bamber Bear killer and he is caged in Coldford Correctional for the massacre that happened at the restaurant for little tykes. He maintains that he is innocent. Is anyone really innocent behind the walls of The Boss?

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