That Place

When will I ever get out of THIS PLACE,

Running back and forth, just beating the chase?

The winds are strong pushing me on,

but I can’t see. My motivations are gone.


It doesn’t have to be this way with such beauty around.

But it takes a sacrifice to see the colours so profound.

Carrying negativity can be such a heavy load.

Leave it behind. It is support you are owed.


As you move on from this place to THAT,

and you take with you the emotions you tried to combat,

Remember it is your presence that continues to live on.

The art and joy you created will never be gone.


In Loving Memory of D Laigo.


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David Finn was once described as a Coldford’s most promising young talent. An addiction and a self destructive nature caused a very public fall. In order to reach those lofty heights again he’ll have to leave behind his negativity with the help of coy farm girl, JULIA HARVESTER. His latest MUSE.

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Coming 2020.

When David discovers his friend’s baby has been taken getting through rehab becomes critical. Coming 2020. Welcome Resident 1310 to Harbour House.



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