Shady City Tour

“Welcome to f*cking Coldford!”

Knock Before Entering: The Knock Knock Club

A cabaret club by all measures but behind its doors something sinister is going on.

Lot 415: The Penn Auction House

Hold onto your boards folks. Bidding is about to begin.

Take the Edge Off: The Mack Distillery

They lost some of their team during an attack on the club back when it was in the hands of the old Baroness. The Mack boys tend to bury their grudges and bury them deep. 

Lofty Heights: Beckingridge Tower

The tallest building in City Main and home of the great financial empire. A city can’t run without cold hard cash.

Now in Session: Coldford High Court

It takes a special kind of PERSON to hold the seat of judgement when you are up against some of the most ruthless villains ever to ply their trade.

Big House On Campus: Kappa So Chapter House

If you go down to the campus today you’re sure of a big surprise. If you go down to the campus today you won’t believe your eyes.

Do Not Disturb: Weir Hotel

Whether you are looking for quiet, wild or discrete at the Weir hotel guests are top priority.

Tick boom. Time line main.

Location: City Main  Features in: KNOCK KNOCK  A beautiful and rich area of what is for the most part a Shady City. Time Line main is filled with boutiques, high class coffee houses and most importantly jewellers and diamond merchants. The notable Bergman family have been housed there for generations. It is a vibrant area … Continue reading Tick boom. Time line main.

Family Friendly: Harvester Farm

It may seem like a world away from Coldford but the Shady City is sending it’s dark clouds Harvester Farm’s way.

Time will Tell: City Face

The seat of power. The highest office in the land. The place where all decisions are final. 

Now In Servitude: The Boss

Coldford Correctional, better known as The Boss for the way it looms over the northern town of Bournton, plays home to some of the Shady City’s most dangerous characters.

Get Well Soon: Harbour House

Not a psychiatric institute, a rehabilitation clinic.

Skeletons in the Closet: Beckingridge Manor

An old property in the affluent town was of FILTON. It will always be cold. Even having money to burn won’t heat it up.

This Place: David Finn’s Workshop

All roads lead to the same place in the end. It’s time for this artist to find new inspiration.

The Best Bite: Bobby’s Lunch Box

Grab the best bite in the Shady City. Careful though, a lot of reporters hang out here.

Home of the Golden Boy: Starkland Park

Home of the Coldford Athletic football team the beautifully constructed stadium stands as a symbol that anything is possible. But like most places in the Shady City it has seen its share of blood shed.

“Business in the Shady City is a minefield. It takes a quick step to navigate safely.”

mack mack and mack

Mack and Sons: What’s your poison?

Come join us for a drink at the Knock, Knock club.

Cold Hard Cash: The Beckingridge Firm

Beckingridge Tower is home to the wealth of the most powerful families of Coldford including WEIR, OWEN, and DOYLE. It takes a pretty big place to hold that kind of responsibility. 

Building Bridges: Fullerton Construction

The biggest names in construction in the Shady City the Fullerton. With the monumental Fullerton bridge to their names no one can argue their reputation.

Pledge time Bitches! : Kappa So

When push comes to shove though and it is time to clear up the streets the hard hitting, devil may care attitude of the KSO brothers is required. When violence is needed it’s pledge time bitches!” 

All Rise: The Law Makers

All rise. Court is now in session.

The Harvesters

Thanks to the efforts of Dr G Winslow you can enjoy a Harvester burger at many convenient locations around the city. When Julia Harvester catches the eye of a down on his luck artist it may be time to break free of the tyranny.

“Come to the Shanties and come and play our game!”

Coldford City: Our City; Our Rules

As sponsors of the team the Penn triplets always have a keen interest in their investments and so will always make sure City has the money they need to always be the best.

Coldford Athletic: Home of the Golden Boy

Despite the deprivation in the Shanties Area, Coldford Athletic will always welcome the people with open arms. They will never forget their beginnings or the people who make them who they are. A team for the people, with the golden boy leading the charge.

Bellfield: Whiskey Town

Loyal fans. Fighting spirit.

Kingsgate Albion: The Best and Brightest

As one of two university towns in the city, Kingsgate are expected to provide the best and brightest new talent.

Fullerton FC: We Are Filton

Stadium: Fullerton Park Sponsors: BECKINGRIDGE FINANCIAL FIRM The second UNIVERSITY team in the city, Fullerton claim supremacy over their rivals at KINGSGATE by their Sport Science program whose research has benefited larger teams such as COLDFORD CITY and ATHLETIC. Graduates of the sports science course include BUDDY OWEN, although some would argue this was not … Continue reading Fullerton FC: We Are Filton

Hathfield Bay: The Waves

A spirited team from the Hathfield Bay Islands, their competitive edge is always trumped by the enjoyment of the game.

Jamestown Rovers: We are the Clubby

Unfortunately as the big city threatens to swallow up their little suburb they can’t hide forever. It will be up to the likes of Sam to expose the truth for the good of the people and even the villains of Coldford are no match for such an strong spirit. 

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