Shady City Tour

“Welcome to f*cking Coldford!”

Take the Edge Off: The Mack Distillery

They lost some of their team during an attack on the club back when it was in the hands of the old Baroness. The Mack boys tend to bury their grudges and bury them deep. 

Now in Session: Coldford High Court

It takes a special kind of PERSON to hold the seat of judgement when you are up against some of the most ruthless villains ever to ply their trade.

Tick boom. Time line main.

Location: City Main  Features in: KNOCK KNOCK  A beautiful and rich area of what is for the most part a Shady City. Time Line main is filled with boutiques, high class coffee houses and most importantly jewellers and diamond merchants. The notable Bergman family have been housed there for generations. It is a vibrant area…

Now In Servitude: The Boss

Coldford Correctional, better known as The Boss for the way it looms over the northern town of Bournton, plays home to some of the Shady City’s most dangerous characters.

Home of the Golden Boy: Starkland Park

Home of the Coldford Athletic football team the beautifully constructed stadium stands as a symbol that anything is possible. But like most places in the Shady City it has seen its share of blood shed.

“Business in the Shady City is a minefield. It takes a quick step to navigate safely.”

“Come to the Shanties and come and play our game!”

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